Jaiku invites for Simple Help readers

by Ross McKillop on August 28, 2008

Jaiku has moved to the Google servers, and they’re now allowing unlimited invites to existing subscribers. Since I’m an existing subscriber, apparently I can invite as many people as I’d like. So – leave a comment below, make sure to use the email address you’d like the invite sent to (not in the comment itself, but in the E-Mail field of the comment form). I’ll send it to you right away (assuming I’m awake when you leave the comment). Cheers!

  • dan

    Invite please! Thanks Ross.

  • invite please.

  • Scott Pettersen

    I would Love an Invite.

  • Invite please?

  • L.W. Wong

    Invite please?

  • kssekhar

    invite pleazzzzzzz

  • Lee

    Please and thank you.

  • invite, thanks

  • Ricky Wee

    I’ve been waiting for months. Thanks.

  • Good morning! I would like an invite, please, and thank you.

  • Peter

    I read your column daily and I enjoy it. If I could get an invite you would me a happy camper in Thailand

  • Enrique

    Invite please!

    Thank you!

  • tigsfan

    I’d love an invite!

  • I’d love an invite thanks! :-)

  • Carol

    I would love an invite!

  • Samppa

    I’d like to have an invite please. Thanks in advance :)

  • Invite please

  • me too me too me too

  • jan

    invite please
    thanks in advance :)

  • Rino

    invite please.

    thank you.

  • Erick

    Oo, Oo, Oo! Pick me! Pick Me!

  • Hi Ross

    Just discovered Simple Help, while searching for a way to save images from OO documents. Your tutorials are superb!!!

    And yes, please send me a Jaiku invite!

    thanks, Neil