Overview: Skyfire – a new mobile web browser

by admin on December 8, 2008

Skyfire is a free, downloadable mobile browser that delivers rich web media right to your phone, and the latest most recently updated version has just been made available to the public. This mobile browsing software is incredible. It allows you to play Flash content, video playback, utilize Ajax – with support for Silverlight, Quicktime, and Windows Media.

First things first, right now Skyfire only works on Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 (3rd edition). If you’re an iPhone or BlackBerry user, you’re out of luck (for now). Skyfire is said to not be as quick as Opera Mini once browsing, however it allows for a much quicker viewing of videos on sites such as Youtube. One of the major differences between the two mobile surfing giants is that Opera Mini requires the use of JavaScript in order to start up at first, and this can interfere with loading speeds.

A new feature included in this version is the “Super Bar”. Whenever a keyword is typed in anywhere in the browser the Super Bar searches this word and returns with a defined word or a synonym. This feature seems much like the one Opera and Chrome browsers have adopted. With Skyfire if you come across a page you’d like to share or send to a friend via SMS, with two simple taps within the menu a pre-filled text appears on your screen with the specifies URL content.

Viewing Flash content can take anywhere from 2-3 seconds in order to update the screen, the video may freeze as well, however this is still by far a supreme addition to the bundles of mobile browsers available. This is a video of the browser operating, however, though this is a bit of an older version. One of the largest updates within the newer version consists of performance gains, keep this in mind if you choose to watch the video above.

Here are a number of screenshots:

You can download Skyfire here.