Review: T11S Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset With In-Ear Earbuds

by Ross McKillop on April 24, 2009

Thanks to the folks at Budget Gadgets I’m able to give you my thoughts on the T11S Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset with In-Ear Earbuds (with charger).

NOTE: this is not a paid review. Simple Help doesn’t do paid reviews. Ever. I was, however, allowed to keep the headset after writing this review. With that said, it in no way will influence my review of the product – I’m telling it like it is. Budget Gadgets has provided me with a coupon code for you to use: RM5OFF10. If you use that code at checkout you’ll get a 5% discount on your entire order.

After the order was placed, it took about 8 business days to arrive. This is a bit longer than some other online shops – but I live on an island in Canada, and the headset was delivered from Hong Kong. The folks at Budget Gadgets offer free shipping, and the cost of the headset ($34.28) more than made up for the wait (again, I didn’t pay for it, but had I, waiting 8 days wouldn’t have upset me at that price).

The entire package consisted of a charger, the bluetooth headset adapter, and a pair of headphones.

T11S Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset In-Ear Earbuds

The Good

  • Worked exactly as advertised
  • Though the included headphones aren’t fantastic (see “The Bad” below) – you can plug in any standard 1/8th inch headphones (I prefer Sony earbuds) – which is a major plus for me
  • I used them talking on my BlackBerry for about an hour, and then had 2 days of standby time left before they needed a charge.
  • The clip included on the headphones is removable, and fits perfectly on my Sony headphones. Perhaps minor, but a nice little touch.
  • Because you can use any 1/8th inch headphones w/ the Bluetooth adapter, you can use this headset as wireless headphones for your Mac or PC. I was easily able to pair it to my Mac, and instantly had wireless headphones – using my own preferred headphones. This would be particularly useful if you had a media center in your living room and didn’t want to wake everyone up watching movies/TV late at night.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Earbuds

The Bad

  • As noted above, the headphones that it comes with aren’t the best. They’re similar to the headphones that come with iPods (but not white). Perfectly acceptable for perhaps most people – I just didn’t like them.
  • The mic did have some static. Not the point where I wouldn’t use them, but on a windy day they might be annoying for the person you’re talking to.
  • The charger – and this might just be my unit – requires that you plug it into the adapter just right – or it won’t charge. You have to slowly plug the charger into the adapter and then stop when the charge light comes on. This is a minor complaint, but like I said, I’m telling it like it is.


I would recommend the T11S Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset with In-Ear Earbuds. Between the price, free shipping and overall quality of the product it’s a worthwhile purchase.