Screenshot Simulations Index

Here’s a neat and tidy list of all the screenshot simulations on this site ..

Apple (Mac)

OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Network (Internet) Preferences
OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Network (Internet) Preferences
IE 5 for Mac
Safari 2.x
Mail 2.x

Microsoft (Windows)

Internet Explorer 7.0
Google Chrome

winipcfg utility for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME

Microsoft Outlook 2002 (settings, options, adding new accounts)
Thunderbird 1.5 (settings, options, adding new accounts)
Windows Mail (accounts, junk email options and main options)

Windows 2000:
Windows 2000 Pro TCP/IP Properties
Windows 2000 Pro System Properties

Window ME:
Windows ME System Properties
Windows ME TCP/IP Properties

Windows XP:
Windows XP SP2 TCP/IP Properties
Windows XP SP2 System Properties

Windows Vista:
Windows Vista TCP/IP Properties

Windows 7:
Windows 7 TCP/IP Properties

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  9. Windows Live Mail 2011!! PLEASE!! I use your simulators to help customers over the phone and now that they’ve come in with WLM 2011 (which can only be installed on vista/win7 – work pc’s are XP), they have an entirely new UI and it’s pretty hard pointing them in the right direction to simply setup an email account with nothing to go off ><

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