How to use AVG Anti-Virus (free) to check your PC for viruses

You’ve checked to see if your ISP offers free Anti-Virus software, and found out that it doesn’t. No need to worry (or spend $), you can use the free edition of AVG Anti-Virus and this guide to make sure your PC is virus free…

  1. First things first, you’ll need to download AVG Anti-Virus and save it to your desktop
  2. Double click and start the install. Make sure to select Standard Installation
  3. Click Next until the installation has completed and you reach the First Run screen. Here you’ll want to select the Check for Updates button
  4. Click the Internet button to check for updates

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  6. Because you’ve recently installed AVG, it’s likely that at least one update will be available. Click the Update button to download and install any updates that were found.
  7. Once this process has completed you’ll be presented with a confirmation window. Click OK to continue.
  8. Back at the First Run screen, click Next to continue
  9. If you’re fairly certain that your PC has been infected, with what you think might be a really bad virus, it’s a good idea to create the Rescue Disk. Otherwise it’s safe to skip this step.
  10. AVG will confirm that the E-mail Scanner has been turned on – click Next to continue
  11. And the moment you’ve been waiting for – select Scan computer!
  12. Now you can sit back and wait. Depending on a number of things (how fast your PC is, how big your hard drive is, how many files you have etc) the scan can take quite a while. Perhaps now would be a good time to make a cup of coffee.

    During the scan a status window will display how many files have been scanned, if any viruses have been found etc.

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  14. When the scan is done AVG will auto-heal any infected files
  15. You’ll be prompted to restart if any viruses were found. While a restart IS required, click No on this screen and finish the setup first.

  16. The summary screen provides info on the scan that was just completed. After reviewing, click Close to continue.

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  17. Skip the registration and click Next to continue (you can always register later if you really want)
  18. Click Continue to finish the installation.
  19. After the installation has been completed you’ll be presented with the AVG Control Center. If you were prompted to reboot your computer after the first scan (see step #13 above) close down the Control Center and restart your PC now.

Keep AVG Anti-Virus up to date

The easiest way to make sure AVG is always up to date is to right-click its icon in your system tray and select Check for updates

If you’re always connected to the Internet, or will always be connected to the Internet when you check for updates, place a check in the box labeled Do not ask for the update source next time and then click the Internet button.

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If any updates are found you’ll be prompted to install them now. Otherwise you’ll get a confirmation box letting you know that your AVG Anti-Virus is up to date.

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  • balaji

    what options(avg exe name and parameter) should i have to give in firefox download status bar virus tab, so that every time when i download a file in firefox, automatically avg virus scan check is also done when download is complete.
    Please help me,

  • cathy

    Do i need to delete the other files from virus vault after the healing process?

  • eirik

    i have avg 7.5, and i am wondering if there is a way i can reschedule so that it does not scan everyday, but rather once a week or so…
    i would appreciate it if i got some answers to this matter, send me an e-mail:)

  • teri

    I would like to know how to heal all of the virus that were found, it only heals a few please help (email me)

  • Tan

    my laptop is attack by virus , but i dont know what kind of this virus .
    my AVG email scanner cannot function after virus attack , my windows live messenger also cannot fully function , anybody can help me ??

  • Roshan

    i have download
    but it is different
    it is 8.0ok

  • Sensei James

    I hooked my 80 gb ipod up to my pc and now i have problems it won’t dl music,
    it freezes, when i do get a song on it will only play like the first 2 seconds then skip to new song or it won’t play it, or even better yet it will tell me a db file is corrupt or missing….sorry bout the long winded thing…. but will avg help me with this matter and what do i need to do if it does step by step……i am slowly becoming a hi teck redneck i didn’t even know what an ipod was last year…

    please help me shot me a email if you can…i love my ipod it is more than just the pod….i use it to run so i can train for mma fights.


  • rayshinizle

    whre i can find the option of not to auto update tnx alot email me