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I’ve recently decided to start using GIMP, in large part because I can’t afford to purchase Photoshop for OS X right now (and it’s a pain to use XP in Parallels just for Photoshop). Below you’ll find the list of resources I used to learn the GIMP

The screenshots and exact steps used in these books and tutorials are not specific to any one version of the GIMP. But I was able to follow along just fine in each case..


  1. Sams Team Yourself GIMP in 24 Hours
  2. Grokking the GIMP


  1. How to make a silhouette with the GIMP
  2. How to remove red-eye from photos, using the GIMP
  3. How to create very cool looking fire using the GIMP
  4. How to make a web banner using the GIMP (great for beginners)
  5. How to create a “shiny plastic button” in the GIMP
  6. How to create glossy transparent buttons in the GIMP
  7. How to create Apple’s “Shiny Table” effect, using the GIMP
  8. How to create frames and borders using the GIMP
  9. How to create and use gradients in the GIMP
  10. How to create bevels in the GIMP
  11. How to create floating text (drop shadows) using the GIMP
  12. How to create a very cool planet using the GIMP
  13. How to create fireworks using the GIMP (excellent)
  14. How to create a star-field with the GIMP
  15. How to create a seamless background image with the GIMP
  16. How to create fractal backgrounds/wallpapers using the GIMP
  17. How to create flame fractals using the GIMP
  18. How to use the GIMP bump map tool as a watermark for photos
  19. Using multiple exposures in photography with the GIMP
  20. How to create a snow-flake with the GIMP
  21. How to create text with sharp borders/outlines in the GIMP

Gimp Tutorial Sites

  1. gimp user group
  3. Jason Bradley’s GIMP Tutorials
  6. Pixel2Life Gimp tutorials
  7. Cool Jeba GIMP tutorials
  9. GIMP video tutorials

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  2. Hi,
    Nice web page.
    I downloaded and installed gimp 2.2 but the help files dont show when I press F1. I then downloaded the separate help files, but could not install them.

    Can you help?


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