How fast is your connection?

One thing I’ve noticed over time – everyone loves a speed test. Which is your favorite?, Broadband Reports, Speakeasy or Toast? Another? main window URL:
Requirements: Flash 7 Player (or higher)

Features: has an incredibly slick interface. It’s actually entertaining to watch in addition to being a very useful resource. allows you to save results, so you can compare them over time. They also include the code for you to copy and paste your results into forums, web pages and emails. results


Broadband Reports

Requirements: Java (Tests are java applets)

Features: Even though the speed tests are very functional and thorough, it’s the resources available to you after the test is complete that puts Broadband Reports in a class of it’s own. The forums are top notch – full of (mostly) very helpful and knowledgeable users. The FAQs and tutorials are updated often as technology changes. Oh, and they have the biggest list of speed test servers I’ve ever seen.

broadband resports speed test results

broadband reports speedtests


speakeast speedtest main window URL:
Requirements: Latest Flash Player
Features: Very easy to use interface, not quite as flashy as, but Speakeasy gets points for being one of the first ISP’s to offer a speed test (to their own customers and the public at large).
speakeasy speed test results

Requirements: none (just a browser)
Features: Though it can’t save your results, and it’s not exactly great for copying and pasting results to other folks, Toast does offer a functional speed test – and it doesn’t require Flash or Java. There’s a lot of upselling involved (they really want you to sign up for their service), but if you’re unable to install Flash or Java, it’s certainly helpful.
toast speedtest results
toast speedtest main page

4 thoughts on “How fast is your connection?”

  1. is certainly snazzy, locates your position accurately on the map and recommends test servers in the vicinity.

    It provides useful information in its results and tabulates results of previous tests. But where does it stores these results? The computer being tested is not assigned a permanent IP address and, even after deleting cookies, results of previous tests reappear. Any one knows how?

  2. James Rae Smith

    Note that Broadband reports ( only has test sites (for its own tests) in the US, so not quite so useful for the rest of the world.

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