Quicksilver tutorial and screencast roundup

I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful Quicksilver really is. Nor can I adequately describe exactly what it is. But I will say this – if you own a Mac – download and install Quicksilver right now, then start watching a few of these screencasts and/or read a few of the tutorials. It won’t take long for you to wonder how you survived without it.


  1. A beginner’s guide to Quicksilver (tutorial)
  2. Quicksilver Users’s Guide by Howard Melman (user guide)
  3. Intro to Quicksilver (screencast)
  4. Quicksilver – Installing and Basic Usage (screencast)


  1. How to control iTunes with Quicksilver (tutorial)
  2. Use Quicksilver for quick timed reminders (tutorial)
  3. Eliminate the Enter key (tutorial)
  4. Send text messages using Quicksilver (tutorial)
  5. Quicksilver Abracadabra Gestures (tutorial)
  6. Send as IM = Adium + Quicksilver (tutorial)
  7. Quicksilver and iPhoto (screencast)
  8. Quicksilver – blogging with WordPress by email (tutorial)
  9. Quicksilver Constellation (screencast)
  10. The Quicksilver video extravaganza (screencast)
  11. Quick Emails (screencast)
  12. The “Comma Trick” (screencast)
  13. The Cipboard (screencast)
  14. Quicksilver: From A Better OS X To Even More (tutorial) – thanks Suw!
  15. Access Minimized Windows (screencast)


  1. The power of compound commands (tutorial)

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  30. Hey – thx for sharing. Was looking for some tuts for a while. There are many – but alot of them… well… let’s say, i could’ve spent my time on better things. ;-)

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