Roundup: The Under-appreciated Posts

Alright maybe they’re not so much under-appreciated as they are old. Before this was a borderline-semi-popular blog, I put a lot of effort into some posts that never get many page-views. So give something old a read, for the first time :)

How to get promoted – the call center/tech support version
How to get tickets for any Ticketmaster event
Does your ISP offer free security software?
5 steps to securing your wireless network
How to share a keyboard and mouse with multiple computers
5 quick tips to speed up your PC’s performance

And these two, which aren’t exactly ‘old’ yet, but took forever and a day to write –

How to get your ISP to pay attention to your problems (and see a real world example of what happens if you follow this advice)
20 Free RSS Readers Reviewed

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