5 More OS X Dashbooard Widgets for Bloggers

As a part of a group writing project, I created a post titled Top 5 OS X Dashboard Widgets for Bloggers. The project rules were that you had to do a “top 5” list – and I had difficulty narrowing the list down to just 5. So here are the other 5 that didn’t make it to that list.

  1. DiggDong

    This widget notifies you each time someone diggs a story that you add to the widget – via Growl. It’s a bit quirky – sometimes when you click the ‘trash’ icon the story doesn’t actually get removed from the widget, and when you reboot, the story gets removed no matter what. But it’s still pretty handy.

  2. Symbol Caddy

    This widget provides quick access to those annoying HTML tags that no one can remember. Just click the symbol, and its code is copied to your clipboard.

    symbol caddy

  3. Screenshot Plus

    Screenshot Plus is actually the widget I used to take screenshots of all the widgets in this post. Though it’s not my absolute favorite screenshot utility for OS X, it is the one I use to take screenshots of other widgets. If offers plenty of options (file types, importing after capture etc) and doesn’t use much CPU at all – making it one of those ‘easy to leave installed’ dashboard widgets.

    screenshot plus

  4. Web Monitor

    Web monitor is a new widget (at the time of this article) that has a lot of potential. It monitors your servers or any other web site. The widget checks the response time periodically with a HTTP HEAD request which doesn’t put much impact on the server. It shows a response time chart, response time statistics and has an error log where you can see when and why requests to the server failed. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or just my machine, but it doesn’t actually send out requests unless I bring the dashboard up. But again, it’s a new widget – bugs are expected.

    web monitor default viewweb monitor status view

  5. Backpack

    This widget interfaces with Backpack, the popular web-based information organizer and collaboration tool. Add and edit reminders. Reminders can be displayed on your system with Growl (!!). Add, edit and toggle list items on any of your pages. Add and edit notes on any of your pages. Notes support most of the same formatting Backpack does. When adding a note the contents of your clipboard are inserted automatically.


  6. And a bonus #6

  7. FTP Uploader

    Sure there are a lot of FTP’ing dashboard widgets – but this one is free, and stable. It also supports multiple sites, which is a feature I can’t live without.

    ftp uploader

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