Feedback – lets try this again

Based on the ONE single piece of feedback I got last time, I figured I’d try a poll this time around. I’m trying to figure out if I should add more of a “personal touch” to this site. To date, it’s largely just FAQs, tutorials etc. Are you interested in knowing more about me, site stats, having weekly “recap” posts, posts that are a collection of links that I find interesting etc? Use the other space to provide feedback. I know there are 850+ of you that subscribe to this feed, let me know how I can increase that number – or at least keep you as a subscriber :)

2 thoughts on “Feedback – lets try this again”

  1. The blog is great the way it is, maybe because your target is beginner-to-intermediate computer users you are not receiving the right feedback.

    I think a little more personal touch will increase your audience.

    Saludos desde Panam√°.

  2. My personal preference when reading a blog of this sort is to get a feel for the personality of the writer, your likes, dislikes, quirks, etc.; but honestly I don’t want to hear about your personal life. Of course I’m probably a little different than “normal” people, who usually want more “entertainment” and less “content”. If you have a really exciting life that is worth sharing, I’d suggest you post about it on another section of the blog for those that are interested, and keep the main focus on continuing to provide great content (which you do very well, if I may say so).

    To summarize: more personality, less personal life, and keep up the great work!


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