How to add an event to the Music Listings

This post is really only interesting/helpful for folks who visit the forums.
Until the calendar software becomes a bit more intuitive, I hope this brief tutorial will help.

  1. Start by going to the appropriate Music Listing calendar (eg. West Coast calendar). Then click the Add Topic button.
  2. Enter in the appropriate info in the subject – the band/artist name, location and maybe a date. Add any additional info in the Body section. When you’re done, click the Add Post button.

  3. click to enlarge

  4. Now view that post, and while viewing it, click the Edit button.
  5. Scroll down and select the Manage Event link.
  6. A little popup window will appear – set the appropriate start time and date, and then end time and date. Unless it’s a recurring event, leave Never selected, and then click the Add Event button.

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  8. Assuming there were no errors, click the Close Window button.
  9. Now click the Submit Change button.
  10. Your post should now have an Event Start and Event End area in the upper-right corner.
  11. To confirm everything went correctly, select any active date on the calendar.
  12. Change the date to the one that your newly added event is on, then click the Jump To button.
  13. You should see it listed @ the start time you specified.

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