How to make Windows XP look like Windows Vista

Using Vista Transformation Pack 6.0, you can transform your Windows XP PC into something that looks, and in some ways acts, like Windows Vista.


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Keep reading for more screenshots and installation comments/warnings.

During the installation of Vista Transformation Pack you’ll notice a common theme – repeated warnings that it could seriously damage your system. If you use your PC for work-related tasks, I would not suggest trying to install this program. If you’re willing to take a bit of a gamble, go for it. If you do give it a shot, make sure to create a System Restore point first.

Installation Tips

  • disable your anti-virus software before you start
  • shut down every possible program
  • when asked what you want to enable, choose it all
  • try Arial as the default font
  • cross your fingers
  • Screenshots

    Start menu and Display Properties

    Taskbar Previews

    Styler Properties

    Shutdown screen

    Boot screen

    0 thoughts on “How to make Windows XP look like Windows Vista”

    1. A buggy resource hungry piece of junk software, looks impressive to start with but slowly the systems functionality is crippled.
      Three different machines i have tried this on, and with the same results on all 3 boxes, the beginning of the end is signalled by the loss of the seach option from the start bar, swiftly followed by loss of control panel and desktop/background utility.
      If you really wish to make your system look and somewhat operate like Vista then my choice would be Vista Inspirat.

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