How to set up Thunderbird 2.0 for email

This tutorial will guide you in setting up Thunderbird 2.0.x for the first time. Though the screenshots are from OS X, the steps are virtually identical if you’re running Windows or Linux. The only difference is when you install in Windows you’ll run the .exe and click Next a few times; when you install in OS X you just drag to your Applications folder.

  1. When Thunderbird launches for the first time, the setup wizard will start. Assuming you don’t have an email account you don’t want to import, select Don’t import anything and click Continue.

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  3. Select Email account from the New Account Setup window and then click Continue.

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  5. Enter your name as you wish it to appear on your outgoing email messages and your email address in the appropriate fields. Click Continue.

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  7. Select the type of email account (POP or IMAP) and enter your Incoming Server and Outgoing Server in the spaces provided. If you’re unsure of these settings you can check the Broadband ISP Email Server Settings article – which contains the server information for most North American broadband ISPs. Otherwise, refer to your ISPs online Help site or FAQs. Click Continue to carry on.

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  9. Enter your user name in the spaces provided. Though not all mail servers/ISPs require an Outgoing User Name, most do – and it’s usually the same as your Incoming User Name.

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  11. Give this account a name – it can be anything at all, but something descriptive is usually a good idea. As always, click Continue to continue.

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  13. Verify the info on the summary screen is correct, and then click Done.

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  15. You may get a ‘warning’ message while your account setup is finishing. Click OK.

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  17. The first time Thunderbird checks your email, you’ll need to enter your password. If you don’t want to enter it every time you check your mail, place a check in the box labeled Use Password Manager to remember this password.

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  19. If you did check the remember password box, you’ll get a warning screen. Review it, then click OK.

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  21. The first time you try to send email you’ll also be prompted for a password. This is the same password you used to check your mail. Again, place a check in the box labeled Use Password Manger to remember this password if you don’t want to enter it every time you send an email message.

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  23. That’s it, you’re done!

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