Simplehelp Recap: May 2007 – wow, and thank you!

As usual I’ll keep this fairly brief, but May was a pretty great month. All previous traffic records were broken (by May 20th actually). This was due in large part because of 3 front page ‘diggs’ and 2 links from my absolute favorite tech blog, Lifehacker.

Some vague stats for this month:

Unique visitors: over 150,000
Unique page views: over 250,000
New feed subscribers: over 200

Some relatively useless stats for this month:

Simplehelp entered the “top 10,000” blogs on Technorati
Alexa ranking went from 150,000 (give or take) to 90,000 (give or take)
Even with the digg and lifehacker links, Google remains my #1 source of visitors/page views.

Most viewed posts that were created in May:

  1. Quicksilver Tutorial and Screencast Roundup (thank you digg)
  2. How to install Linux applications in OS X (thank you digg and lifehacker)
  3. How to install Ubuntu Studio in Windows using VirtualBox (thank you digg)
  4. 20 free RSS readers reviewed
  5. How to create a favicon.ico for your web site (thank you StumbleUpon)
  6. Top 10 iTunes addons and plugins
  7. How to install Windows programs in Linux using Wine

Now I just have to do it all over again this month.

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