How to use RealPlayer 11 to download online videos

Though it’s not exactly ‘public’ yet, if you do a bit of searching I’m sure you can find a copy of RealPlayer 11 (which is still in beta). Historically I haven’t been a RealPlayer fan, but version 11 may make me change my mind.

Before you start downloading videos, take a moment to set up RealPlayer.

  1. Start by selecting Tools and then Preferences…
  2. realplayer 11

  3. In the left menu, select Connection and then Internet / Privacy. Remove all the check marks from the Privacy Settings options, except for perhaps Enable HTML Clip Info (for details on these settings, click the Tell Me More button).
  4. realplayer 11
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  5. Now select Download & Recording from the left menu. From here click the Browse button to change the ‘save’ location for your downloaded videos. Click OK when you’re done.
  6. realplayer 11
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  7. While viewing an online video, you’ll notice a rather unobtrusive Download This Video link on the top of the video player. Click it if you want to save the video to your hard drive.
  8. realplayer 11

  9. And the file will save..
  10. realplayer 11
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  11. So that you can watch it while offline!
  12. realplayer 11
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  13. Note: this software violates a number of Terms and Conditions for major video sites like YouTube. It will be interesting to see if this feature remains enabled.

  • Sean

    Ross…what an interesting choice of videos! :-D -Sean from Virginia

  • Sean! Yeah I like to slip stuff like that into this site too :)

  • louis c bailey

    ikeep getting error 404 or dll dep whatcan i do to stop this happening all the time

  • slik

    fer me wen i go into prefrences there is no downloads and recording. the last thing is skins. is that coz the feature’s been disabled now ?

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  • Heydon McIntosh

    Hi, I’ve been using realplayer to get youtube vids and its great. Sadly 1 out of 4 videos (not approximately but something like that) I get the audio but the video is missing Any Ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated

  • jinno

    i’ve got a problem downloading with real player. when i was trying to download a video it took about 2 seconds to download but when i was going to watch it i ca’t open it and the size of the file is 0.01 mb. what should i do to fix my real player?

  • this website has solved my problem easily without any difficulty

  • Cheryl

    I followed every steps here however there is no download box available in any video. What can I do to fix it?

  • Ally

    i can’t play the vids after I download. When I try to convert them it says that I don’t have flash. I download flash but again it says that I don’t have flash :( help..please?

  • i keep trying it aint working

  • lesa

    not working for me either…. :(

  • Zack

    Cheyrl, try going to tools, preferences, and then select “download and recording” from the left box menu and make sure the top box that says something like enable web download and something else, is checked if it is then check the first box that says on page load for 7 seconds. I hope this helped, but if it did not, there is one more thing you may try: while viewing an online video right click the video and click download this video to realplayer (last option).

  • ronie

    there is no such option like download and recording in my real player preferences…
    nw wat to do??? n dats y iam not able to download videos…
    plz help…

  • Halia

    I have done all the instructions into my realplayer but still the download button does not show when the video plays? Do you have any sugestion?

  • Halia

    This message appears when I press Download this video to real player: this video is not downloadable from this website. What does it mean? Do you know how to download the video in different way? Thanks

  • martin clarke

    how do i download latest real player 2011?

  • gel

    followed the steps above and even tried the other option which is to right click on the vid unfortunately there’s no option that says download this video to real player..any other options? pls help…i used to be able to download using real player but now all of a sudden it’s disabled

  • @gel – yes, they’ve disabled the feature. Is it a Flash file you’re trying to download?

  • sopika

    i followed every steps here however there is no download box available in any video. What can I do to fix it?

  • aldwin arevalo

    this is very useful tnx!!! now i know how to use it…

  • Larrance

    Has anyone had this problem, when visiting the PBS site and trying watch video: in order to watch the video you must install real player plugin, but the plugin install routine doesn’t work for your browser? And, another question: when will PBS enter into the present century and stop using funny/buggy/primitive toys like the REAL products?