Pownce overview and 10 invites for Simplehelp Readers

Update: OK the 10 invites are gone. As soon as I get some more I’ll offer them up here again.

If you’re looking for someone to test it on/with, my user is: rossmckillop

Thanks to a kind user at Mashable, I now have a Pownce account. Though I gave away my first 6 invites to folks @ the same Mashable thread (hey I’m not going to mess with karma) I now have an additional 10 invites. Keep reading for a (very) quick Pownce overview, or leave a comment if you’d like an invite.

Rather than focus on the somewhat boring web interface, I quickly downloaded the Pownce client for OS X. As many of you know, it requires Macromedia’s AIR, so that was my first installation. After that, installing Pownce itself was a breeze (no pun intended).

main login screen

The interface is very straight forward and easy to use. Not a ton of features, but this is an alpha product right?

pownce client

Sharing links with your friends is just about as simple as it could be.

sharing a link
viewing shared links

The only real problem I’ve experienced with Pownce so far is that it failed to upload a 7.7MB file the first time. The second time it went through no problem, and in truth it could be entirely the fault of my somewhat flaky wireless connection.

uploading a file
shared file

After the file had successfully uploaded, I clicked the link to see if it would take me to a landing page, or just start downloading the file right away. Instead, I got the following (rather amusing) error page –

Pownce error page

Anyway – if you’d like an invite, please leave a comment below. Please don’t put your email address in the message itself, just use a valid address when you fill out the comment form. I’ll update this page when the 10 invites are used up. Also, it would be very cool if you used some of your invites to get people in this Mashable thread an account.

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  1. I know I’m late to the party, but the other day I was looking for a easy way to send some files so that I could work on the same project with a friend of mine on the other side of the country and doing the same thing with email meant zipping the file, then I remember hearing about this software so I downloaded and found out that you needed an invite, but if you still have any invites left I would really love one.

    thanks in advance

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