How to use YamiPod to update your iPod in OS X or Windows

YamiPod is a freeware application that allows you to efficiently manage your iPod in Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. YamiPod is unique because it runs directly from your iPod and needs no installation. This allows you to update your iPod from any computer without installing any software. You can also use YamiPod to move files from your iPod back to your computer (or another computer). This tutorial will take you through the steps to setup and use YamiPod in OS X and Windows.

Note: if you’re wondering what’s with all the iPod posts, I’m working on a ‘larger’ article that will be something along the lines of “10 iTunes alternatives for iPod users”, and will reference each of these tutorials in it. That and I finally got my hands on an actual iPod (iShuffle, borrowed).

Before you get too far into this, the YamiPod developers strongly suggest that you backup anything currently on your iPod, as there is a chance that something could go wrong and your data could be lost.

Though this tutorial was created using screenshots in OS X, the Windows procedure is very similar, and you should be able to follow along. The instructions to use YamiPod in Linux can be found here.

Download YamiPod from If you have iTunes version 7.3 installed, make sure to scroll down to the Beta version section and download it.

  1. Start by connecting your iPod and opening iTunes (if it doesn’t auto-launch). Select your iPod and then click the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Options section and remove the check from the box labeled Open iTunes when this iPod is attached. Then place a check in the Enable disk use box (if it isn’t checked already) and make sure there’s at least 40MB of Data storage available (I went with 50 just to be safe). Click Apply. Before you close iTunes, make sure you’ve added at least one song to your iPod via iTunes.
  2. yamipod
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  3. Drag from the .dmg file to your iPod (or if you’re a Windows user, drag the exe from the zip file to your iPod).
  4. yamipod
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  5. Launch YamiPod from your iPod.
  6. yamipod
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  7. If YamiPod can’t guess the type of iPod you have, select it from the drop-down list.
  8. yamipod

  9. Review the information on the About/Warning screen and then click I agree.
  10. yamipod
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  11. Now you’ll be presented with the main YamiPod interface. You should see the songs you currently have loaded on your iPod listed. To add files to your iPod, drag them from your music folder (and you can drag entire folders) into the bottom section of the YamiPod window.
  12. yamipod
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  13. The Add To Ipod window will appear. You can review each song, modify the file info etc. Since all my tracks were already tagged properly, I selected Add All.
  14. yamipod

  15. Watch as the tracks are uploaded to your iPod.
  16. yamipod

  17. And there they are. You can preview them using the play button in the bottom bar. When you’re done updating your iPod, quit YamiPod.
  18. yamipod
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  19. A feedback window will appear the first time you close YamiPod. Take a moment or two to fill in the info to help the developers improve future versions, and then click Send.
  20. yamipod

  21. Now you can eject your iPod by right-clicking it (ctrl-click for single mouse folks) and select Eject. Windows users – use the “safely remove hardware” icon in your system tray to disconnect your iPod.
  22. yamipod
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  23. The next time you connect your iPod, iTunes should not launch. Open your iPod and run YamiPod to add/remove songs etc. For info on some of the advanced features of YamiPod, see the docs section of the YamiPod site.

10 thoughts on “How to use YamiPod to update your iPod in OS X or Windows”

  1. S.O.S!!!!
    I downloaded the program but it didn’t download correctly (in a compressed zipped folder named: ‘__INCOMPLETE__yam-win’)!!
    It dosn’t work and apart from occupying space in my computer I CANT DELETE IT!!!
    Someone help!!
    thank you

  2. Well I did the jump and got myself a 80Gig iPod Classic today.
    After a few hours stubling between versions of iTune and Yamipod:
    1) Looks like Yamipod 1.8 will work ONLY with iTunes 7.3 Beta (according to the previous text) and this very particular version does not show on the web;
    2) If you install 7.3 on your iPod it will ask you to install a recent version (7.9 and up);
    3) iTunes is presently up to 9.2 version;
    4) And finally a search on Yamipod site does not show an uptade compatible to iTunes 9.2;
    Conclusion: Back to start line…..

  3. Great application and happy to have find it!
    I will download it as soon as I get a 80G iPod classic. I have more than 1000 songs on my PC divided in genre (country, classic, rock, ….) and have recently purchased the iHome iP51 connected to my Sansa fuse. The drawback is that it takes all your files (avoiding your PC classification) and rearange them in alphabetical order. An interesting feature would be to see on both screens (the pod and the radio):
    1) the arrangement made on the PC (country, classic, rock,…) then the files;
    2) be able to build a new file (let’s say ambiance) with songs from other existing files and have them play while dinning or relaxing.
    Hope this helps. Best regards.

  4. salut
    quand j ouvre yamipod il me marque : error not mhod 51. 1 visit le site … selement tou est en anglais …
    si, quelq un a une solution ca serai sympas …
    merci a toi

  5. D: D:
    I tried dragging the ‘yami-win.torrent’ file to my iPod, but it didn’t work, saying ‘it will not work with this iPod.’ I thought YamiPod would be compatible.. :\ Help?

  6. Should I now use Yamipod as my iPod program instead of iTunes?
    Can we use Yamipod to search for songs on the web & upload them?

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