How to use SharePod to copy files to and from your iPod in Windows

SharePod is a lightweight music management program for your iPod. You can copy music and videos between your iPod and computers – usually without having to install anything on the computer.

Before you get too far into this, I strongly suggest that you backup anything currently on your iPod, as there is a chance that something could go wrong and your data could be lost. You’ll also want to avoid running SharePod and iTunes at the same time, as neither application will know about changes made by the other, and your iPod could get out of sync with both.

SharePod requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – which can be downloaded here.

  1. First, make sure to enable disk use on your iPod by connecting it and opening iTunes (if it doesn’t auto-launch). Select your iPod and then click the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Options section and remove the check from the box labeled Open iTunes when this iPod is attached. Then place a check in the Enable disk use box (if it isn’t checked already). Click Apply.
  2. sharepod
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  3. Exit out of iTunes, and confirm that your iPod has now mounted itself as a drive.
  4. sharepod

  5. Download SharePod and unzip the file. Copy the entire SharePod folder to your iPod. Once it’s on your iPod, double-click the SharePod.exe file.
  6. sharepod
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  7. If you don’t have the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer, you’ll get an error similar to the one below.
  8. sharepod
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  9. Otherwise, SharePod will launch.
  10. sharepod
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  11. To add files to your iPod, click the Copy to iPod button from the top toolbar.
  12. sharepod

  13. To add an entire folders worth of files, click the Add Folder button.
  14. sharepod
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  15. Navigate to and select the folder you want to copy, then click OK.
  16. sharepod

  17. Repeat the above steps until you have all the files and folders that you want to copy to your iPod listed. Then click OK.
  18. sharepod
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  19. You’ll be prompted to confirm the addition of sub-folders. Select Yes or No based on your personal preference.
  20. sharepod
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  21. And all of the files will copy over to your iPod. When they’re done copying, click OK.
  22. sharepod
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  23. Back in the main SharePod window, everything that you copied to your iPod will be listed.
  24. sharepod
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  25. At any point in the future if you want to copy files from your iPod to your computer (or someone elses), launch SharePod, select the files you want to copy, and click the Copy to PC button.
  26. sharepod

  27. Choose the location on the computers hard drive where you want the files to be saved, and an organizational format for those files. Click OK..
  28. sharepod
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  29. And the files will copy from your iPod to the PC. Click OK when you’re done.
  30. sharepod
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  31. You can use the Eject iPod button when you’re done, and that should eject your iPod and close SharePod.
  32. sharepod

  33. But be sure to double-check, because I couldn’t always get my iPod to successfully eject. Right click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in your taskbar and check to make sure that the iPod was properly ejected.
  34. sharepod

  35. If there’s a USB Mass Storage Device listed, select it and click the Stop button. If your iPod is listed, select it and click OK (if it’s not listed, click cancel and exit your way out of the Safely Remove Hardware window).
  36. sharepod

  37. Now you can safely disconnect your iPod from your PC.

25 thoughts on “How to use SharePod to copy files to and from your iPod in Windows”

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  2. You can copy music and videos between your iPod and computers – usually without having to install anything on the computer. … SharePod requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 … —————– IT is all LIE, you NEED to have iTunes INSTALLED on the computer !!!!

  3. I downloaded Sharepod and followed the instructions on this website for installing. When the program opened on my computer, the music from my Ipod looked OK but the icons at the top of the screen are crowded to the left side. Some are on top of one another. I installed Sharepod on Win7 and also on my old pc with XP with the same exact problem. I have tried different download sites and have searched everywhere for a fix. Any ideas?

  4. i have window xp & itunes v 10. while installing sharepod, your tutorial says my ipod must
    appear in My Computer. But when i eject my ipod from itunes or when i close itunes, my
    ipod disappear from My Computer. How do i close itunes and prevent my ipod from disappearing from my computer? you said that my ipod must be in my computer before i can install sharepod into my ipod and PC.

  5. Estimados,

    Por que el Saherepod NO siempre me permite gestionar mi musica, me arroja un error el cual dice lo siguiente: ” You nedd itunes 7 or later insatalled fpr Sharepod find your iphone / itouch” y la version que yo tengo es itunes 9, ¡NO es compatible?

    Al pendiente de sus comentarios…


  6. Just received an iPod (model no. MC031LL) as a gift, and would rather not install itunes. SharePod appears, on the surface, to be a great alternative. Upon initiating SharePod, I get a “iPod database not found in ‘ipod_control\itunes\iTunesDB’ window. These might be a rhetorical questions… (1)Does iTunes have to be installed to set up the iPod (nano) initially? (2)If so, after this initial setup, can iTunes be uninstalled?

  7. Thanks Sharepod, you are a life saver. I’ve been having problems with itunes syncing with my ipod, you just bailed me out like Obama. lol.

  8. Thanks for the ‘how to…’, it worked so simply, with your help. I immediately copied ipod tracks to my pc, no problems at all. Great stuff!

  9. oye, ya utilize el sharepod para sacar la musica de mi ipod a la pc, ahora mi problema es que la musica se pasa y en las canciones vienen numero por ejemplo “00 in the end”, como le hago para kitar estos numeros y que solo se pase el archivo con su nombre original sin niguna modificacion sin esos numeros que estorban

  10. This program did what I wanted it to do, it copied all my files off my ipod to my itunes folder. Just right click the playlist and left click copy to pc.

  11. Hi there,

    is there any way I can copy the files that are already on my ipod back to my PC even though I got them on the ipod using itunes at the time.
    I had to reistall my PC and unfortunatly all my music was lost in the process. so everything that is on my ipod now I really want to save on my PC again.
    Any ideas which software could help me with that?

  12. Daew galera eu peguei meu ipod poco tempo e nao sei separa em pasta as musicas se alguem sube add la no msn e me explica valeew

  13. Excellent tutorial. Well written. Well documented.

    One problem we should note is that the very latest iPod touch (second generation, firmware 2.2) won’t work with SharePod because Apple changed the database structure.

    SharePod elicits the following error on the 2G iPod touch
    “iPod not fully supported … Reason … Your iPod (IPhone_ITouch2, database
    version 37) is currently not fully supported. All iPod update features are
    disabled, but you can still copy files to your computer.”

  14. I tryed to copy a mp3 file to my Ipod when i got this message:
    A System.IO.FileNotFoundException error occured
    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Can´t find file taglib-sharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, publicKeyToken=db62eba44689b5b0…bla, bla..

    What went wrong? I use Windows XP, and the application starts normaly, and the Ipod is connected.
    I really whant to use your application..

  15. Thanks for the step by step. How do you get the files copied from your ipod into your itunes library so you can add them to the library? This would allow my ipod to synch with my new library and not lose the tunes. Thanks

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