How to "Pubvertise" Your Live FeedBurner RSS Content to a Wider Audience

FeedBurner recently announced that their Headline Animator tool can now be used to promote your RSS feed (or site) through other FeedBurner feeds (pubvertising). This brief tutorial will walk you through the steps to do just that.

What you’ll need:

  1. An existing FeedBurner feed (not really, but if you don’t have one this tutorial will be useless to you and you should just sign up the ‘regular old way‘)
  2. A credit card and the willingness to spend $25 (the minimum) on advertising with FeedBurner
  3. About 10-20 minutes

Using Headline Animator

  1. Sign in to your FeedBurner account and select the feed (if you have more than one) that you want to promote. Then click the Publicize tab.
  2. creating a pubvertisement
    click to enlarge

  3. From the Services menu, select Headline Animator.
  4. creating a pubvertisement

  5. The Clickthrough URL is the address that people will be directed to if/when they click on your ad. By default, FeedBurner will set this address to your RSS feed. You can change it to your sites home page or whatever you want.
  6. creating a pubvertisement

  7. FeedBurner provides a few Theme templates to use as a starting place.
  8. creating a pubvertisement

  9. At the bottom of your screen your ad will be displayed. Changes you make are updated in real time as.
  10. creating a pubvertisement
    click to enlarge

  11. Give your ad a Title
  12. . You can change the font size and color to suit your taste. When entering a title you might notice that your desired phrase won’t “fit”. To allow more characters in the title, increase the default Width of 300…

    creating a pubvertisement

  13. … and the title will expand.
  14. creating a pubvertisement

  15. The Headlines is an animated list of your RSS feed. You can also extend the default width of the Headlines, as well as the font and font color.
  16. creating a pubvertisement

  17. By default, the Headlines are displayed below the Title (see screenshot below) but you can re-arrange items by dragging them from one section of the ad to another.
  18. creating a pubvertisement

  19. If you want to include the date that each of your RSS entries was created on, make sure the Dates box is selected. There are a couple of Formats to choose from, and similar to the Title and Headlines features, the width, font size and font color are all customizable.
  20. creating a pubvertisement

  21. When you’re happy with your new ad, give it a name and click the Activate button.
  22. creating a pubvertisement

  23. Click the Get Started button in the Promote yourself section.
  24. creating a pubvertisement
    click to enlarge

  25. Select an amount from the Budget: drop down list, and the duration your want your ad to run from the Time: drop down list. If you want to renew your ad automatically – you guessed it – check that box.
  26. creating a pubvertisement

  27. Now it comes time to pick a channel for your ad to run in. The i box next to each channel is a clickable icon that will display detailed info about that channel in a new browser window/tab.
  28. creating a pubvertisement

  29. Give it a name and click Next.
  30. creating a pubvertisement

  31. Enter your credit card information in the spaces provided. When everything is set, click the Place Ad Order button.
  32. creating a pubvertisement

  33. Assuming all goes well, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page, and you’ll be sent a confirmation email (I got the email about 20 seconds after I clicked the Place Ad Order button).
  34. creating a pubvertisement
    click to enlarge

  35. That’s it, you’re done. I’ll update this post with a link to the results of the one week ad that I ran :)

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