Using the Shareaholic Firefox plugin to tag web pages using multiple services

I’m not sure if that’s the best title I’ve ever come up with, but it’s late and I’m tired. Shareaholic is a Firefox add-on (plugin) that allows you to quickly ‘share’ or save the page you’re currently viewing, via many of the popular social news and bookmarking sites.

If you save or share content via a number of different services (like, Stumbleupon, Facebook, ma.gnolia etc) this one add-on may allow you to uninstall several.


  1. Install Shareaholic the same as you would any other Firefox plugin.
  2. shareaholic

  3. Once the installation is complete, you’ll need to restart Firefox.
  4. shareaholic
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  5. After Firefox has restarted, you should notice a new button in your Button Bar.
  6. shareaholic

  7. Select the small drop-down arrow next to the button, and you’ll have a whole bunch of popular social bookmarking and social news sites to choose from. If the page you’re currently viewing has been saved on, the total count will appear. And if the page you’re viewing has been submitted to digg, you’ll see the total number of “diggs”.
  8. shareaholic

  9. Select the Shareaholic button itself, and you’ll be prompted to sign in to a service called Bzzster. And now you know who created this plugin. I decided to create an account so I could check the service out.
  10. shareaholic
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  11. After creating an account, when you click the Shareaholic button, instead of being prompted to sign up (or sign in), you’re presented with an “ok now what?” window. Which means, ok now what do you want to do with the page you just tagged. The very large, obvious section of the pop-up is dedicated to emailing the page you’re viewing to someone. Just fill in the details and click Share It!.
  12. shareaholic
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  13. You’ll get a confirmation window..
  14. shareaholic
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  15. and whomever you emailed the page to, will get an email that contains the URL of the page you shared, along with whatever message (if any) you decided to include.
  16. shareaholic
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  17. If you don’t want to email the page you’re viewing, but you’d rather save it on – just select that entry from the drop-down list.
  18. shareaholic

  19. You’ll be redirected to and a number of the fields will be automatically filled in.
  20. shareaholic
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  21. And it’s worth mentioning that there are some other social bookmarking and social news ‘options’ to choose from. When you click the Shareaholic button and the “ok now what?” window appears – you can also choose from a list of sites/services on the right side of the page.
  22. shareaholic

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