How to sync your Google Calendar with your Windows Mobile 5 smartphone

This tutorial will guide you though installing and setting up GCalendarSync, which allows you to sync Google Calendar with your Windows Mobile 5 smartphone. GCalendarSync is free (it’s released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License) and absolutely genius. GCalendarSync doesn’t require that you dock your smartphone or use Outlook in order to sync your Google Calendar with your smartphone.

Though GCalendarSync does support 2 way syncing, you may want to review the Notes section here to understand the limitations (eg. Date/Title changes on the mobile device to events already existing online will be overwritten by the online data).

Before you get started, make sure that you have the .NET 2.0 Compact Framework installed, as it’s required by GCalendarSync.

  1. Open Internet Explorer Mobile and load
  2. GCalendarSync

  3. Download the file GCalSyncSetup.CAB to your Windows Mobile device. note: you can also download the file and transfer it via ActiveSync or whatever software you use to copy files from your computer to your Windows Mobile device.
  4. GCalendarSync

  5. Once the file is on your Windows Mobile device, select it using the File Explorer. GCalendarSync will start the installation process.
  6. GCalendarSync

  7. Click Yes when asked to confirm the installation.
  8. GCalendarSync

  9. Select a location to install GCalendarSync (if you have a storage card you can install it on that) and then click Install.
  10. GCalendarSync

  11. Click Done once the installation has completed.
  12. GCalendarSync

  13. Launch GCalendarSync from your programs section. Enter your Google Calendar username and password in the spaces provided, and select Save Password if you don’t want to enter it each time you sync. Make sure that the GMT time zone is set correctly, otherwise your Windows Mobile calendar events won’t be set to the correct time. Now click the Save Settings button, then the Pick Calendars button.
  14. GCalendarSync

  15. Select each of the calendars you want to sync with your Windows Mobile device. Click Options when you’ve selected them all (even if you only have one).
  16. GCalendarSync

  17. Select the Choose Default item from the Options list.
  18. GCalendarSync

  19. Select the calendar you want to be set as the default. When you add events in Windows Mobile, this is the calendar that those events will sync with. Click Done.
  20. GCalendarSync

  21. Click Done again.
  22. GCalendarSync

  23. At this point you’ll be prompted to import your Google Calendar(s). Click Yes.
  24. GCalendarSync

  25. Your Google Calendar events will now be added to your Windows Mobile device (and vice versa).
  26. GCalendarSync

  27. A summary will appear in the bottom status section once the sync has completed.
  28. GCalendarSync

  29. And now your Google Calendar events will be available in your Windows Mobile calendar.
  30. GCalendarSync

  31. As long as GCalendarSync is running – and you’re connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or GPRS, your Google Calendar and Windows Mobile device will be in sync.
  32. GCalendarSync

29 thoughts on “How to sync your Google Calendar with your Windows Mobile 5 smartphone”

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  2. Anyone without extensive experience and knowledge of computers, mobile synching etc does not stand a hope in hell of installing this software. Why did you have to make it so damned complicated? Please ask your software developers to get their heads out of the clouds and produce something that normal people can use.

  3. As for username do not fill in the part: “”, only your name!!!

    But syncing does not work for me.
    Always 0 items!?

    Any clues?

  4. Manfred – with the updates that have been made to both Google Calendar and Outlook – there probably is a better way than the one outlined above (which is almost 4 years old now..).

    I’d love to update this tutorial but I no longer have a windows mobile smartphone to figure out the easiest way to do it…

  5. The straw that broke the camel’s back: several times a day, the same several hundred meeting notices in Outlook would generate past-due alarms. This was a recurring event that showed no sign of abating. So I removed this program from my phone and am exploring a direct sync between Google calendar and Outlook – which is then pushed to my phone.

  6. Muito bom o tutorial. Cara será se tem como fazer isso no Samsung GT-S3650 Corby? Tô penando a procura dessa configuração e não encontro.

  7. I want the synch to kickoff when I connect my laptop to my phone via USB. I don’t want to use the network for synching.

  8. Hi, I already solve the compact framework problem And the sync between outlook, gcalendar and mymotoq is working buuuuut every time y push to sync my Q AL THE APPOINMENTS DUPLICATE ( SEVERAL TIMES ) can someone tell me how to resolve this, deleting them one by one is very annoying much more if you have a lot of them.

  9. I installed it in my motoq and when runing it Igot this error:
    this application requires a recent compact framework than the one installed in this device.
    Any ideas on what I can do ?

  10. Ai suivi tts instructions, mais lorsque j’installe .net compac framework sur mon PC, puis que je connecte mon mobile (HTC one Touch) celui-ci m’indique qu’il contient déjà une version de framework plus récente, et après avoir entré mon identifiant plus mot de passe, et sélectionné un agenda (qui ne reste pas sélectionné) il ne trouve aucun évènement sur l’agenda de mon PC, et ne fait aucun transfert. Dommage. Ai-je oublié quelque chose ?

  11. I’m having a similar problem, I’ve checked and checked to ensure my google ID is correct, and I just get a message saying FAILED: Property “googleid” does not exist.

    How can I fix this? I need this app!

  12. Me too – loaded to a WM 6 though.

    It runs OK, can load my list of calendars, but when I sync the result is always “Imported 0 and exported 0 events”

  13. Hi,

    I installed this amazing tool on my HTC WM5, it could reload list from my Google calendar, sounds the connection is established. But the result is always “Imported 0 and exported 0 events”, nothing actually sync…

    Any idea?

  14. Screenshots seem quite helpful, but it’s apparently broken. My username and password, which I *have* entered correctly (I checked, several times), are not recognized.

    How may I get a working version?

  15. This was beautiful! I am so excited to be able to synch my calendars, I thought I would have to go through outlook, but I love my google calendar, and I love the Q.

    Thank you DEARLY for the screenshots, they really help visual learners. I am so thankful for this amazing technology, and for those who take time to help us learn it.

    Much Love to you!

  16. Hi,

    unfortunately the tool only works with one calendar with my device.
    If I choose more than one calendar the events are not imported.



  17. I too have an issue with the timezone. I have mine set up for Pacific on my phone and in my gmail calendar. It is syncing 7 hours behind. Any other suggestions?

  18. great concept. however it runs an error on my mobile Q that says it can’t locate my google calendar… i do have google calendar set up already. any toughts?

  19. Nice app, but I’m still having trouble with the time zone. Both my Google calendar and device(Motorola Q) are set to GMT-5, but my appointments come into my device from Google calendar as 5 hours early. Any ideas?


  20. Hi – Love the app! Been using it to sync my Moto Q. One problem. The times of the events on my google calendar are 5 hours off(behind) the events as they show on my PDA. Any ideas?


  21. i don’t have outlook on my computer..only windows mail.
    I have a windows mobile with data on it..contacts calendar being the main thing i would like to see in my windows calendar and contacts. ….

    so now i thought of syncing google calendar with my mobile pim data and after exporting the content to a file, which i could import into windows calendar.
    But i see this program only deals with this sync-issue from one side…calendar data to mobile first.

    how is it possible to sync van mobile to calendar?

    it’s maybe of topic, but does anyone know a way to sync windows mobile content with vista’s standard calendar/contact content? i was surprised when i learned that this was not possibe.


    Holland, Utrecht

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