Cool Facebook app: 360Gadget

If you’re a fan of the ‘Netvibes style” home page, and find yourself spending more and more time on Facebook, 360Gadget might be your new favorite Facebook app. The recently launched 360Gadget allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds, quickly access your POP mail account, search the web, watch YouTube from inside news feeds – all from within one Facebook page.


Add a Feed

With maps and notes

Expanded view

2 thoughts on “Cool Facebook app: 360Gadget”

  1. 360Gadget leverages the DreamFace Interactive Framework to offer unparalleled end-user personalisation of information access, display and interactions.

    Beyond what 360Gadget superbly demonstrates for the Facebook platform, the DreamFace Interactive Ajax Framework is a perfect choice for the design of interactive, custom gadgets/widgets that are portable across the emerging widgets platforms, ranging from Facebook, SalesForce to Amazon, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, or even to corporate Web sites wishing to add social networking to existing Web properties.

    Best of all, it is Open Source and with a growing community of designers and users, DreamFace Interactive WebChannels and WebPrograms are quickly turning into a rich ecosystem.

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