SmallScreenX – simulate screen resolutions in OS X

SmallScreenX is a Cocoa version of the “Small Screen” utility for the old Mac OS. It simulates smaller screen resolutions, which can be particularly helpful for web designers. This overview gives you a run down on its main features.


  1. First things first, download SmallScreenX. The installation is very straight forward, and once it’s installed, launch it from your Applications folder.
  2. smallscreenx
    click to enlarge

  3. Use the ‘Untitled’ area of SmallScreenX to to move it around (I’ve found it easiest that way). Click and hold in that section, then drag your mouse around to move the box.
  4. smallscreenx

  5. The Options button will bring up the Size and Appearance settings.
  6. smallscreenx

  7. From here you can set the width and height of the window. You can also change the border color, width and add a shadow.
  8. smallscreenx

  9. Clicking the Lock button will toggle SmallScreenX to prevent unwanted moving or resizing.
  10. smallscreenx

  11. Right-click (control-click) the Control-mode button and a list of running applications will appear. Select from that list, and the window will be moved so that it fits in SmallScreenX’s frame. Note: this feature doesn’t work with a lot of Carbon apps, and it won’t work at all unless you enable Assistance (System Preferences -> Universal Access -> Enable access for assistive devices).
  12. smallscreenx

  13. And the close button – you guessed it – closes SmallScreenX.
  14. smallscreenx

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