Fantastic new Canadian service: Live Vote

John Boxall and Igor Faletski of Handi Mobility (a local British Columbia company) are about to release Live Vote – a free SMS voting system similar to the one used in “American Idol”.

Live Vote was recently demonstrated at DemoCampVancouver, and was well received. I requested a beta invite a couple of days ago and have been playing with the service ever since.


  • Creating new ‘polls’ is deadly simple. Just enter the question, the answers, and select how long you’d like the poll to run for.
  • livevote
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  • Then users can text their answer – for free (not including any charges your mobile provider may have for sending SMS messages).
  • livevote
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  • Votes are displayed in near real-time. If you use a projector to display your results, the full-screen view is absolutely perfect (at least using Firefox on OS X).
  • livevote
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  • John was kind enough to answer a few of my questions via email, so I managed to learn a bit more about the service than is currently revealed on their web site. Yes, it will remain free. Yes, there will likely be a ‘pro’ version that has additional features. Yes, they are looking to expand to additional countries, but are using Canada to test the feasibility before committing to anything bigger. There will be some restrictions on the free version – to stop large companies from using the system to conduct polls with thousands of users etc, but nothing too extreme. Live Vote will be publicly available on October 15th, 2007.
  • Off the top of my head, I can think of a number of cool ways to use Live Vote. Letting the crowd decide the winner for karaoke contests, engaging your audience during presentations (just ask them to put the cells away after they text their answer), even getting the group to decide where to go for dinner. Canada may not have MP3 downloads from Amazon (or iTunes), the ability to use Pandora or watch episodes of Lost from the ABC website, but at least we have Live Vote.

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    2. Thanks for the writeup Ross!

      We’re working on throwing a few more tricks in the bag – A big thing would be poll widgets – we think it would be very valuable if users could embed their polls into sites like YouTube videos!


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