Update: Gmail increases storage to 4.2GB

Update: as a couple of folks have pointed out, Google has once again increased the storage size of Gmail to 4.23GB, just a day or two after the increase to 3.6GB.

Thanks Google!

gmail storage increase

  • I noticed that too. I assume this is related to the ramp up to 6GB by next year that was reported on the Google blog a bit ago.

  • Why don’t they just go the route of YAHOO and just get rid of email storage limits PERIOD?

  • Wow, that sucks dude. I have over 4 gigs.

    You are currently using 2605 MB (62%) of your 4182 MB

  • They must be cranking it up today, mine says I have 4267MB.

  • @Mike Scott:

    Wow me too! I guess I’ll have to update this post :)

  • Hey! don’t you know? Yahoo! has removed this storage limit completely for free!!
    That means you have unlimited storage size for all your mails and all for free!!

  • After slowly increasing their storage space forever, Gmail really has just shot through the roof in the last few days.

  • Colin

    @Akma, BEB:

    I feel free POP and/or IMAP access (as I’m still waiting for one of my Apps domains to get IMAP) is far more important than unlimited storage of RE:FW:fw:FW:fwd: Check htis uot! emails. ;-)

  • @Colin:

    Amen. Gmail’s spam filters are far better than both Yahoo and Hotmail/MSN. Admittedly, I do get the occasional false-positive, but I’d way rather the occasional legit mail in my spam folder than constant spam in my inbox. Also, Yahoo’s ‘new’ interface is freaking deathly slow.

  • minh phu

    Thanks for gmail. I want to update gmail but i dont know how to do it