Overview: The OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Finder

This overview will describe some of the changes that have appeared in the new (Leopard) version of OS X’s file manager, Finder. And I’ve intentionally left out the “Cover Flow” stuff, as its already been talked about to death.

  1. So here it is (screenshot below) – Finder. At first glance I think it would be safe to say, it’s not drastically different from previous versions.
  2. leopard finder
    click to enlarge

  3. First lets take a look at the preferences. Select Finder from your menu bar, and then Preferences… from the drop-down list. The General tab allows you to – get this – change some of the general preferences.
  4. leopard finder

  5. Skipping over the Labels tab (no changes) – select Sidebar. From here you can select what’s displayed in the Finder sidebar. New in Finders sidebar are smart folders (the Search For section). Smart folders are saved Spotlight searches – and can be added and removed from the sidebar via drag-and-drop.
  6. leopard finder
    click to enlarge

  7. The Advanced tab remains very similar to Tigers settings, but now you can disable the warning when changing a files extension.
  8. leopard finder

  9. Exit out of the Preferences, switch to column view, and right-click (ctrl-click) in an empty area of the Finder. Select Show View Options.
  10. leopard finder

  11. And the (few) column view options will be displayed.
  12. leopard finder

  13. Select Icon View (don’t close the column view options window)
  14. leopard finder

  15. One of the rather long awaited changes to Finder is the spacing between icons. Notice how spaced apart the icons are by default (see screenshot below).
  16. leopard finder
    click to enlarge

  17. In the icon view settings, use the slider in the Grid spacing section to shrink the spacing.
  18. leopard finder

  19. And now less screen space is wasted. Excellent.
  20. leopard finder
    click to enlarge

  21. You can also change the background..
  22. leopard finder

  23. .. to a color ..
  24. leopard finder
    click to enlarge

  25. .. or image ..
  26. leopard finder
    click to enlarge

  27. Select Show item info.
  28. leopard finder

  29. And information about files/folders will be displayed for each icon.
  30. leopard finder

  31. Here’s a (slightly) confusing setting/option. If you select Always open in icon view (or whatever view you prefer) – that specific folder will always open with your preferred view. Not every folder, just that one.
  32. leopard finder

  33. When you click Set as Default, any changes you make to a specific view – like a colored background in icon view – will be applied to every folder when you view it in icon view.
  34. leopard finder

  35. And though I said I’d ignore the Cover Flow view stuff, below is a screenshot of its options. They’re the same as List view options.
  36. leopard finder

  37. So what did I miss about the new Finder that you’ve found and/or appreciate?