Oct. 2007 Summary and a couple of site updates

October 2007 was a banner month for Simple Help – new records for visitors and page views. And that was without a single front page digg.

266,665 Visits
490,538 Pageviews

Top Content for October 2007

  1. How to completely wipe all the data from your hard drive (thanks StumbleUpon)
  2. How to convert flac files to mp3 using Windows (usually #1)
  3. How to use your PC and Webcam as a motion detecting and recording security camera (always in the top 5)
  4. 10 Alternatives to iTunes for managing your iPod
  5. 15 Windows Explorer alternatives compared and reviewed

Something interesting (to me) is that the main page, simplehelp.net itself, was actually the 3rd most viewed page this month. That has never happened before – it’s usually somewhere around the 12th most viewed page.

For those of you who are Facebook users/junkies (guilty as charged) – Simple Help has a Facebook group. Right now it’s mostly full of my ‘real life’ friends, but by all means please feel free to join. It’s one of the places I collect feedback, post ‘sneak peaks’ of things (like the recent redesign) etc. And as always, please feel free to add me on Pownce, though I tend to use it to post music more than anything. Oh I should also mention, I have dozens of Pownce invites if you don’t have one yet. Finally, I have given in and joined the masses on Twitter.

  • Congrats for the amazing stats, Ross. I know the hard work that’s involved.

    I read the blog for the OS X stuffs. :D