Simple Help Redesign complete – now get your site redesigned, for free

Jamie of Blog2Life has finished the Simple Help redesign (99%). Based on reader feedback a few things have been changed already, and there are one or two more to go. But I couldn’t be more happy with the results, and couldn’t recommend Jamie enough as a designer/developer.

The entire redesign process was accomplished using the online tools Zoho Notebook, GTalk and email. Jamie put up with my constant requests for changes, nitpicking and borderline unreasonable requests, all the while never complaining. More importantly, he also introduced me to a number of tools and concepts that had never occurred to be before.

With all of that said, and now that he has some time on his hands, Jamie is looking to redesign another site – for free. Contact him and include the site you’d like him to redesign and develop. Be sure to include as much detail as you can (does your site run WordPress, Blogger, or on a custom platform) and he’ll get back to the selected site owner.

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