How to use your Windows Mobile device much more efficiently

Another possible name for this post could be “SmartToolkit review with a tour of its features and lots of screenshots”, because that’s essentially what it is. Though I’ve only had a Smartphone for about a month and a half now, SmartToolkit is by far the best piece of (free) software I’ve found for Windows Mobile devices.

smarttoolkit for windows mobile

If you’re less interested in opinion and more interested in screenshots/features – scroll down. Otherwise… SmartToolkit makes using a Windows Mobile device far more intuitive, efficient and even improves the graphical user interface. To top it all of, at this time, SmartToolkit is free.

The biggest improvement it provides to Windows Mobile is navigation. SmartToolkit “takes over” your Start button and what was previously your Contacts button. Instead of clicking Start and having Windows Mobile open the list of your installed programs, it opens a Vista/XP-styled Start menu. From there you can quickly access your most used applications Applications, all of your Applications and all of your files and folders. The Contacts button becomes a Task Manager and screenshot utility.

On top of all of that, it doesn’t seem to slow down Windows Mobile itself. Other apps that alter the default GUI often use up too much memory – SmartToolkit does not. Even though it’s still in beta, I’ve been using it pretty heavily for the last few days and it hasn’t caused a single crash (or crashed itself) yet. By the way – I wasn’t paid to say any of this, I’m just that impressed.

Works with:
Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone
Windows Mobile 2003SE Smartphone
Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone
Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Download SmartToolkit 1.0.0 RC07

  1. After installed, launch SmartToolkit from your Programs list. You’ll notice the Start button changes and the Contacts turns into Task.
  2. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

  3. Click the new Start button, and check out your new menu. From here you can launch IE, view your Tasks, open Windows Media Player etc.
  4. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

  5. Select All Programs, and you’ll get a list of all your installed programs.
  6. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

  7. Use the right-arrow key on your Smartphone keypad, and you’ll be presented with the ‘second’ Start menu. From here you can browse your Documents, Schedules, Storage card etc.
  8. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

  9. To Reboot or Shutdown your device, select System Power. This is also the menu that allows you to exit out of SmartToolkit – though I’m not sure why you’d want to.
  10. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

  11. Click on the Tasks button. You’ll be presented with the list of currently running applications.
  12. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

  13. Use the left-arrow key on your Smartphone keypad, and you’ll get the Options for the Task manager. It’s from here that you can close apps, close all apps etc.
  14. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

  15. Use the left-arrow key again and you’ll be able to take a screen capture (screenshot). You can even time them.
  16. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

  17. If you select the SmartToolkit app again (while it’s already running) you’ll get a Resources Info screen. This appears to be a part of the Plugins system – which I’m off to investigate now.
  18. smarttoolkit for windows mobile

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  3. Muiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiito bom o melhor programa para revolucionar a funcionalidade o meu windows mobile. Muito obrigado por terem postado sobre isso muito obrigado mesmo.

  4. Hola, yo tengo un Blackjack y descargue en mi PC el smart toolkit pero está en rar y ni la PC lo puede abrir, ni en el teléfono puedo ver el archivo para tratar de descomprimirlo. Me podrías ayudar con eso?? Gracias

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