Simple Help Contest – Win $25, twice!

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Contest details – to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Here’s what your comment must include in order to be eligible to win:

  1. A tutorial suggestion – is there a PC/software topic/problem that you struggled to figure out? Or wished you had a detailed tutorial to help you learn? Suggest it to me (and ideally check to make sure it’s something I haven’t already written). Linux, Windows, OS X – just something computer/software related (in keeping with the theme of the site…)
  2. Which of the two prizes you want to receive – the first prize is $25.00 cash. I’ll send it to you via PayPal or as an Amazon Gift Certificate or even a personal cheque if that’s what it takes. The second prize is a $25.00 donation to one of the following non-profit organizations:
    1. Vancouver Rape Relief and Womans Shelter
    2. Electronic Frontier Foundation
    3. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    4. Children’s Network International

    I will of course make the donation in your name and/or send the confirmation email to you.

  3. Please use a valid email address in the E-mail field of the comment form below. If I can’t email you, I can’t tell you you won. Note: I hope it goes without saying, I would never, ever do anything w/ your email address other than send you a note telling you you’ve won the contest. I don’t collect them, sell them etc

That’s it. Oh – and yes – you can enter twice, once for each prize. Just leave one comment saying “I’d like to enter the first contest, and here’s my suggestion for a tutorial…” and then another comment saying “I’d like to enter the second contest, and here’s my suggestion for a tutorial…”. If you enter twice, you have to suggest two different tutorials.

The contest will run from now until midnight on Friday, Nov 16th, 2007. At that point I’ll get my room-mates to pick numbers to select the winners at random. Saturday morning I’ll notify the contest winners and post the details re: the winners here on Simple Help.

Here’s an example of a valid entry:

Hi – I’d like to enter the cash prize contest, and my suggestion for a tutorial is “How to join two divx files together into one”. Thanks!


Hi – I’d like to enter the donation prize contest, the non-profit I would like to have $25.00 donated to in my name is XXXXXX, and my idea for a tutorial is “How to copy a DVD in OS X”. Thanks!

Good luck!

24 thoughts on “Simple Help Contest – Win $25, twice!”

  1. I’d like to enter the first contest, and here’s my suggestion for a tutorial… ” How to get wireless working on a compaq presario 2580 us laptop running Fedora 7. I have already tried ndiswrapper..and i got it for a few seconds and after that I cant see the wireless adapter in the list when I run the iwconfig command.

  2. Ross,

    Would like to enter both competitions please and the charity is the Children’s Network International. Have spent all day trying to figure out how to set up VPN on leopard and it’s been a real pain. Took ages but would have been great if i could have found a tutorial on it



  3. Hi, I’d like to enter the cash prize contest and my idea for a tutorial is utilizing the new features in leopard (improved ical, mail, spotlight, metadata), to create your own organizational/digital notebook system.

  4. Hi, for the second contest I’d like to see a tutorial for using VPN from other handheld pc’s to access your Leopard pc on the go. Any donation could go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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  6. Hi, I would like to enter the first contest and my idea for a tutorial is in photoshop. I have taken a class and still struggle with getting two images to transition seamlessly into each other via layer and something to do with using a gradient with a transparent effect.

  7. Hey Ross,

    I would like to know what all things that we need to do with our new Mac OS X. Like with Windows, we install drivers (sound, modems, etc..), install codecs, customize (desktop, and other things)… in the same way, what’re supposed do in OS X?

    I’ll take the Amazon Gift Certificate.

  8. As the second entry,

    I would like to see a tutorial as how to play media files without any issues in OS X. Not not sure if Quicktime + iTunes (leave out VLC player) can play the formats inc. HD (x.264, .mkv) files out of the box.

    Would like the $25 donation reach to Children’s Network International.

  9. Hi,

    Simplehelp is simply cool . . .

    Could you please let me know of how to reset the Winsock Catalog on a Windows Vista Computer?

    Thanks in advance.


  10. Hi, I would like to enter the Simplehelp cash prize contest, Would you please provide more insights on connecting to a Wireless Network and configuring a VPN Network Connection on Windows Vista and MAC OS X ?

    Much love,


  11. Hi – I’d like to enter the cash prize contest, and my suggestion for a tutorial is “How to set up multiple RSS feeds for a podcast – One mp3 and one m4a using wordpress and the plugin podpress”. Thanks!

  12. Hi – I’d like to enter the donation prize contest, the non-profit I would like to have $25.00 donated to in my name is Children’s Network International, and my idea for a tutorial is “How to print size appropriate album covers.” Thanks!

  13. Hi, I’d like to enter the cash prize contest. I’d like to suggest a tutorial article on Chat Clients. I’d like to see comparisons between some common alternatives to AIM, like GAIM and Trillian and how to get setup with one. Thanks a bunch!

  14. Hi, I’d like to enter for a chance at the donation prize to “Vancouver Rape Relief and Womans Shelter.” I’d like to suggest an article regarding a few popular distributions of Linux and which ones we might want to use. It seems that you write a lot about Ubuntu, how do the other ones compare? Thanks!

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  16. Good day. Drives me crazy…I play a game and my mozilla browzers are all at less than full size…and then…I have to go through the double click to make them full screen…little problem… drives me nuts



  17. I would like to enter the cash prize.

    My suggestion is for some tuition on how to use Automator better. It seems to be a great piece of software but hardly anyone seems to use it. Especially how to use it to do repetitive tasks in iPhoto. Also I open and update a number of web sites and transpose data to spreadhseets daily, to automate this would be excellent.



  18. Hey Ross,

    I’d like to enter the cash prize contest. For my suggestion, I would love to see a MacMail 3.1 tutorial. I work in a call center and I have a lot of customers who upgraded to Leopard that don’t know how to set up their mail.



  19. Although many exist online, there are no simple or very clear tutorials for the ever popular leopard hackintosh.

    Another cool tutorial would be how to use/set up your computer as a media center.

    I’d like 25 dollars toward amazon please and I hope these tutorial ideas have been helpful!

  20. How to set up a VPN tunnel from school (Windows) to my Mac, and use FTP and/or VNC through the tunnel. HTTP traffic would be a bonus!

    Oh yes, 2nd Contest to Children’s Network International

    P.S: It would have been nice of you to provide an option for Doctors Without Borders. But anyway, good move on your part! (:

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