NeoOffice 2.2.2 Patch 1 now available

I’m a big fan of NeoOffice. I actually prefer Open to Microsoft Office. So I’m always pleased when new patches and releases are issued, as they almost always include bug fixes. Patch 1 for 2.2.2 is no different.

As an aside, the folks over @ NeoOffice are also providing a list of known issues and incompatibilities in Leopard (OS X 10.5). Though none of the problems are specific to NeoOffice, they’re just providing the list as a service to their users. Pretty cool of them.

The updates/fixes for 2.2.2 Patch 1 include:

  1. Fixed problems displaying MathType objects created on the Mac or Windows
  2. Fixed a problem where the spellchecker would not fall back to dictionaries
  3. Fixed an error saving a new file to iDisk
  4. Fixed several crashes or hangs when opening or saving documents
  5. Fixed several problems specific to Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”
  6. Fixes for many PDF and printing-related bugs
  7. Fixed a number of other bugs reported against NeoOffice 2.2.2 with Patch-0

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