How to access uTorrent from your iPhone or iPod Touch

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to install and set up the iPhone (and iPod Touch) Web UI for uTorrent. This version of the uTorrent Web UI was created specifically for the iPhone/iPod Touch and allows you to access your uTorrent client remotely to pause or add new torrents.

  1. First you’ll need to install the uTorrent Web UI
  2. Next, download this zip file from Extract the contents of the zip file to the same folder that you installed uTorrents Web UI to (%AppData%\uTorrent).
  3. Now you need to add the iphone folder (that’s what was in the zip file you just downloaded) to the file itself. You should be able to do this by clicking the iphone folder, holding down the mouse button, dragging it to the file and then letting go.

    utorrent web ui for the iphone and ipod touch

  4. Open the file to confirm that the iphone folder is now there.
  5. utorrent web ui for the iphone and ipod touch

  6. On your iPhone or iPod Touch, enter the url: http://your-utorrent-ip-address:utorrent webui port/gui/iphone/i.html (eg. into Safari.
  7. utorrent web ui for the iphone and ipod touch

  8. Enter your uTorrent Web UI user name and password when prompted, and you’ll be presented with the uTorrent iPhone Web UI. From here you can pause torrents (use the green/yellow play/pause button) or start new downloads by clicking the + (plus sign) in the uTorrent menu bar.
  9. utorrent web ui for the iphone and ipod touch

16 thoughts on “How to access uTorrent from your iPhone or iPod Touch”

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  3. i did this and i can sign in but i dont get the same interface it just stays blank screen and browser icons by address bar

  4. Hmm.
    got through step 4 perfectly then typed in the address in my iPod and safari couldn’t find the server…. HELP?!

  5. If you can’t find the server that’s because you haven’t set up port forwarding on the computer running utorrent and you are getting blocked by your router or windows firewall. In the middle of the status bar on the bottom, you should have a small green icon that reads “Network OK” when you mouse over. If you have a yellow or red icon, you need to configure port forwarding. Click it to find out more.

  6. Same problem as Jeff – I can access the normal ip:port/gui but as soon as I try ip:port/gui/iphone/i.html the page is blank. Anybody help (e.g. sending me a working configuration via mail?)

  7. I cant forward my ports. I never could and i never will be able to and it pisses me off. !
    For some reason my f’ed up router/modem set-up makes it impossible for me to forward ANY ports. if anybody has a strange set up like me (dell truemobile and zyxel prestige) pleeeeeease tell me how you managed to forward your port(s) :(

  8. router: Dell truemobile 2300
    modem: Zyxel Prestige 623ME-T3
    i have tried following the portforward tutorial(s). no luck. I’ve read that i may have to bridge my modem/router? ?
    either way i wouldnt know how to do it :/
    any suggestions?

  9. skilly-
    dude if your getting an internet connection from your dell router then its bridged unless you can get a connection from both the modem AND router…if you do then connect them both and bridge them with windows ….. and follow the instructions on portforward’s website for your dell router

    ive never in my life seen an router that cannot forward a port

  10. I keep getting an error on safari saying ”Could not connect to the server” in utorrent the thign at the bottom of the screen is green as well. Can anyone please help me?

    Using Ipod Touch 4th gen

  11. Got the i.html page to load just fine on my PC using Chrome, but Safari on my iPod 3rd gen says server stopped responding. Connecting directly within my wireless network, so it’s definitely not a forwarding issue. So close, and yet no good. Guess I’ll try restarting everything, and wait a day or two for it to magically work.

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