How to install the iPhone applications Mail, Notes, Stocks, Weather, and Maps on your iPod Touch

Update – May 1st 2008: The original method I outlined in this tutorial no longer works. But don’t worry, I’ve figured out a new one! What I’m getting at is that this tutorial has been completely re-written.

This tutorial will guide you through installing the iPhone apps Apple MobileMail, Apple Google Maps, Stocks, Weather and/or Notes on your iPod Touch. Note: this tutorial assumes you have a jailbroken iPod Touch using the 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 firmware, and are *cough* legally allowed to install these applications on your iPod Touch.

  1. First you’ll need to add a new source to your repository. If you’re unsure how to do that, see the tutorial titled How to add additional sources to Installer on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  2. Use the on-screen keypad and enter the source Tap OK when you’re done.
  3. Your sources list will now refresh.
  4. refreshing

  5. Scroll through the list of software sources to confirm iSpazio Laboratory was successfully added. When you’re done, click Done in the upper-right corner.
  6. Now tap Install from the bottom button-bar. In the Categories list, scroll down to Tweaks 1.1.4 (don’t worry if you have the 1.1.3 firmware installed). Select it.
  7. with 1.1.4 tweaks being displayed
    click to enlarge

  8. Select 1.1.3/4 iPod Full Features.
  9. iphone software you can install on your ipod touch
    click to enlarge

  10. Click the Install button in the upper right corner. When prompted, click the large Install button, or Add to Queue if you want to install more software at the same time.
  11. iphone apps installing on your ipod touch
    click to enlarge

  12. During the installation you’ll get a little pop-up notice. Read it over, and then click OK.
  13. ispazio giving instructions on the iphone software
    click to enlarge

  14. When the installation is done, go back to your Springboard. It will probably require you to ‘unlock’ again, and the Springboard will re-appear with an Edit Home Screen message. Give it a read (it has some good/new info) and click Dismiss.
  15. ipod touch dashboard with iphone software edit home screen message
    click to enlarge

  16. Start using Stocks, Maps, Mail, Weather and Notes!
  17. ipod touch dashboard with iphone software installed
    click to enlarge

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  5. I have downloaded several iPhone applications in my PC. But i don’t know how to get loaded into the IPhone. Please help me out in this isssue

  6. Please help
    I have 300+ iphone applications on my pc which is running on windowsxp.
    How to install those on to my iphone using the cable.
    No wi-fi ia allowed in my area please is there a way

  7. Que onda, Quisiera saber como puedo instalar el COMPATIBILITY PATCH 1.1.5 ya que lo tengo en ese Fimeware.
    estoy buscando y no encuentro nada!!!

  8. I have downloaded several iPhone applications in my PC. But everytime I try to install them to my iPhone through syncing it with itunes, I get an error message “application could not be verified”. I ao not have access to wi-fi. Please help.

  9. Is it possible to download NOTES written on a 8G iPod Touch directly to a MacBook computer (other than e-mailing them to yourself). I would like to place them directly to a WORD document.

  10. I am having issues accessing my Maps,Wi-Fi and I am not sure what I am doing wrong I was wondering if maybe I need to jailbreak it or not my version is 1.1.5?

  11. There’s a compatibility patch from Fabiano Confuorto ( source) that allows this program (and all 1.1.4 programs) to run on 1.1.5. Works great. Thanks

  12. Hola, una consulta realice el jailbreak en mi ipod touch 1.1.5 y lo desbloqueo, instale el ipod fullfeatures 1.1.3/4 y ha instalado todo pero no funciona mail, solo aparece una pantalla en blanco y luego desaparece, podria ayudarme?

  13. I purchased a used itouch recently and icons “Mail”, “Utube”, “Maps” “Weather”, “Stocks”, “Notes”, “Calendar”, Clock”, “Contacts” are already on the screen. Does this mean that this itouch has already been “unlocked”. If so, do I need to do anything else to install more new applications?

    Also, how can I confirm if my iphone has been “unlocked”

  14. Hi, I have a 1.1.4 jailbroken I followed every step of your explanation but at the end I only have stocks and weather installed. No mail, no notes and no maps. Can you help me? Tnx a lot.

  15. i try to install it but then while it’s installing it just crashes and goes back to my home screen without the iphone apps


  16. You do not need to downgrade necessarily you can use a program such as ziphone or iLiberty+ to automatically jailbreak your iPod for you

  17. hola yo instale el 1.1.3 / 4 iPod como indica arriba segui todos los pasos pero cuando le puce en instalar se trabo y ahora ya no puedo usar mi ipod porque acada rato se prende y se apaga y solo aparece el logo x favor ayuda no lo puedo
    usar!!!!! :(

  18. Im having the same problems with adding all new sources, even after 3 jailbreak attempts, is the problem with the new Itunes?or the installer app update (i think 3.11). cos on the 2nd try i didn’t take the update and sources did add but with out giving me any new application under the installer app.

    I will try the suggested Reset Network Setting”. and let you all know.

    all this due to customize 2.0 beta messing up my wallpapers GRRR

  19. alright to fix this you have to follow these steps

    turn your ipod on
    go to settings
    go to the 3rd link labeled “General”
    go all the way down to the last icon labeled “reset”
    go to the 4th icon label “Reset Network Setting”

    if this dosent work then try reset all settings the 1st icon, THIS WILL ERASE ALL CONTENT,

    i hope this helps

  20. alright if your wifi is active and everything else is working then u might need to refresh your network connection for your ipod, this may also sometimes fix the youtube connection failure but beware u might lose your songs and vids on occasion,

    alright to fix this you have to follow these steps

    turn your ipod on
    go to settings
    go to the 3rd link labeled “General”
    go all the way down to the last icon labeled “reset”
    go to the 4th icon label “Reset Network Setting”

    if this dosent work then try reset all settings the 1st icon, THIS WILL ERASE ALL CONTENT,

    i hope this helps

  21. “Failed to refresh sources”
    -> This is caused by the fact that I did not had WiFi enabled!!!!
    So to anyone, make sure it is enabled when adding a source !


  22. Hi,

    I am trying to add the source (after ziphone has run without problems on my 16GB 1.1.4 iPod Touch), but after OK it starts refreshing, but says ‘could not refresh sources’.

    What is wrong? How can I fix this problem, since now I can not install any apps (like mail etc).


  23. I posted earlier and figured out my problem: I was actually at 1.1.3 and not 1.1.4. After restoring to factory 1.1.4 the Full Features package installed everything. Hope this helps someone.

  24. I have exactly the same problem as Eug. All new sources I added go under uncategorized, except and the BigBoss doesn’t work either. I would really appreciate some help!

  25. I have an iPod touch that I just cleanly restored to 1.1.4. After installing the “Full Features” as listed above I only see Mail and Stocks. No Maps, Notes, etc. Does anyone have a solution?

  26. Hey I recently upgraded to 1.1.4 and jailbroke it. Everything was fine at first, but when I tried to add new sources beyond community sources, the refreshes failed for it. Now whenever I add a new source, it usually goes down to the untitled and uncategorized category, but it is also really weird in that some of the sources work fine. Major sources like BigBoss doesn’t work though. Please help!

  27. you dont have to downgrade it just download ziphone by going to works for Itouch and iphone 10000%


  29. alright 1st cheack if your ipod touch or iphone is connected to some wifi, if it is connected u might need to do something to restore your ipods network connection.

    before i get in to the depth of this can u still download things, is it slow or laggy.
    if you cant download anything u might need to restore your ipods network connection but if you can download things then there is a problem with your installer and might need to re-jailbreak your ipod touch/ iphone

  30. there are two ways u can solve this problem eithertry un-installing the apps and try again or get the ipodtouchmaster scource and click on the 1.1.4 mal fix icon or you could follow some of the steps on youtube from ihacks3 manually, i would recommend the scource code i dont rem. the code but if u still need it just email me back (reply)

  31. whenever i type in sources. they ALWAYS go down to untitled source.I refresh them. Nothing Happens!! This is so dumb there is so many sources i need but they always go down to the untitled sources. PLEASE HELP!!!

  32. I installed this but can’t get the mail to work on my ipod touch firmware 1.1.4. When i open it it crashes immediately. I have looked into this and found the log of this problem but i dont know how to fix it. Please help

  33. yes you get all the applications, the wiggle feature, and the bookmark to home-page come naturally with the 1.1.4 firmware

  34. you dont have to downgrade, if you install Ziphone, it takes 5 mins at the most if you cant get it i can send u the link if you want, there a ton of great tips on yoututbe on hacking the iphone/ipod

  35. Can I somehow download programs to my pc and then install them into ipod touch,or is it necessary to download them with ipod touch via wifi?
    Thanks in forward

  36. eres la mamada compadre ya pude hechar a andar mi ipod touch, muchas gracias mi hermano,

    saludos desde ramos arizpe coahuila mexico,.

  37. hi Jon,

    i’m kind of lost here…
    did someone answered ur question re installing apllications to the iphone using a cable and a pc ?


  38. chamo me funciono pero genial gracias el mio ahora puedo mover los iconos de lugar precionando durante un tiempo uno de eyos no tuve que pagar mas fino mira pero el itunes no me lo lee que ago enviame un correo el que sepa

  39. HI, I have an ipod touch 8G with 1.1.4
    When I intall the apps with maps, sotck… Only the maps is not appearing for me. Anyone know what I am doing worng?

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  41. hey i added the ispazio source and when i went into tweeks this: 1.1.3/4 iPod Full Features. did not show up…what can i do??

  42. hey i just jail my ipod and i put this in and i get a list of thing but i dont get the one i need to install 1.1.3/4 iPod Full Features how do i get it to work

  43. i added the source but i couldnt find the “iphone full features option” i only have the 1.1.3/4 safari patch option. please help!!!

  44. I’ve got 1.1.1 and I bricked it while trying to install Iphone app acording to your description! Apple logo appears forever, cant do nothing! I tryed to fix it the way you reccomended Josh but its not working! PLease help!!!!!!!

  45. steve: turn on your computer, open itunes and connect the cable to the pc, not to the ipod! Then, press and keep pressing the home button and plug the ipod. It will restore completely, i think to 1.1.4 (if you haven’t downloaded it, itunes will… it’s about 150mb so it will last a few minutes). Once restored, you’ll have your ipod as it came from factory. Then itunes will tell you there’s a new ipod connected, and it will ask you if you want to set it with a previously auto-saved security copy of your ipod, from the last syncronization. Click yes, and itunes will load your ipod with all your contacts, bookmarks and wifi connections you had before. Finally, sync it to load your music and videos again. Obviously, now you’ll have to jailbreak it again. I suggest using Ziphone with 1.1.4.

    Hope it’s been useful!

  46. absolutely yes….mine was 1.1.1 and i couldnt recognize it and i install it then respring it…next .. :( respring forever…home button and sleep button wont work… well so i turned it off manually……after that i turn it on apple logo apears and no movement……anybody has a idea??? please..this is emergency stuff tho… :( oh…my itunes could recognize my ipod but no move…

  47. im currently using 1.1.1 and i installed this sources…..booooooom!!! my ipod wont reboot and apple apears 4ever… do i fix it…?? any solution??? anyone????

  48. Michael: you should check in the installer if there is an upgrade to get 1.1.4. If not, you may restore it using ziphone and itunes (it’s a little conffusing to explain here :S)

    Mav: if your touch says it can’t find the host, check your wifi connection! You may be unconnected to the internet. My touch tells me that when i’m far away from my router.

  49. hi can some one tell me how to get my ipod to get it to 1.1.3/4 from after i jail break it from 1.1.1

  50. I tried to install the source but it won’t refresh . All I get is an uncategorized “Untitled Source” on the bottom of my list?

  51. apple screwed me over when I lost my reciept key, which isn’t kept with your itunes library. they didn’t let me redownload the stupid january software pack. at least now I get to use what i freaking paid for.

    thank god for this community. apple can go bugger themselves…. hardware is great, support and vision is for shit.

  52. Hey, I installed it with 1.1.4 but I just don’t get the icons on the springboard. However i can wiggle the existing icons. Does anyone know why is this happening?

  53. I an iTouch 1.1.4 and i downloaded the “All applications” in the “iPhone 1.1.4 applications” and i only got stocks and Notes… how do i get maps and mail?

  54. i did everything but when i go to install one of the iphone apps it says exactly this

    Package download failed: can’t find host!

    and i cant download any of them how do i fix it???

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  56. I updated a 1.1.4 touch and it worked fine. I didn’t downgrade but just installed all the apps at once from 1.1.3.

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  59. i added the source apple repo and got notes, mail, stocks, and weather but no maps.

    is it cuz i have firmware 1.1.4?

  60. i installed the iphone applications stocks and map however i found out there is nothing addedto my existing icns, maps was exist befor install then disappeared postdownload.
    please advise how to retrieve?

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  62. I always wanted mail, Notes, Weather apps for the ipod touch and by adding the source solved everything.
    As i has previously installed them using cuteFTP but they didn’t work: but this happens to be most reliable and easiest way!!!!!!

    THanks whoever found out abt this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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