Preview: MacTheRipper v3.0 R14

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Everyones favorite OS X DVD ripper is coming closer and closer to a new stable version. Here’s some info that I’ve gleaned from the official forums, manuals etc – as well as some screenshots and download locations.

New in MacTheRipper 3.0

  • New interface with more efficient workflow for all extraction modes
  • Improves compatibility with new forms of copy protection
  • Main Feature Extraction that really works
  • Chapter extraction that doesn’t suck
  • Cell extraction
  • Progress bar in the Dock icon to show MTR’s progress in the Dock during extraction
  • According the to forums, you’ll also need to install the CSS Library, which can be found here:

    However, I was able to rip an entire DVD, using MacTheRipper 3.0 R14, without having it installed (??). And in other confusing news, MacTheRipper may now be shareware, requiring a license. If you can decipher the info found in this thread (registration required) by all means let me know. There also appears to be quite a few registration/licensing issues (see this thread). Again, I was able to use v3.0 R14 to rip an entire DVD and was never asked to install the CSS Library or forced to register the app.

    Download MacTheRipper v3.0 R14 here

    MacTheRipper v3.0 R14 Screenshots

    mactheripper v3 disclaimer
    MacTheRipper (paranoid) Disclaimer

    mactheripper v3 next to v2.6
    v3.0 R14 vs. v2.6 (click to enlarge)

    mactheripper v3 icon
    MacTheRipper v3 R14 Preferences

    mactheripper v3 about window
    MacTheRipper v3 R14 About window

    15 thoughts on “Preview: MacTheRipper v3.0 R14”

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    2. Richard Smoker

      Seems kinda odd that unlocked share ware is available for free. What’s the chance this copy in the wild is trojan ware?

    3. @ Richard Smoker:

      Very, very, very unlikely. The post was in the official forums, which the author is a member of/moderates/admins. He/she wouldn’t have let this stay on the forums if it was infected with anything. Plus I’ve used a scanner to check my Mac since installing that software and found nothing. I’m fairly sure it’s free because it’s beta.

    4. I am just starting on all this and cant get anywhere.

      All I want to do is copy some DVD’s I bought so I can then watch them on my laptop at any time as a file. I am use to running the DVD movie as an avi file

      What do I need to do? It seems Mactheripper only copies into some sort of DVD format but I want an avi file.

      PS: The mactheripper v3 fais. I was to pay for a full license but cant figure out who their website is and how to pay

    5. I’ve downloaded MacTheRipper3R14.sitx but I can’t open the file…it’s a binary file and I’m not sure which application I should use to open it? I’ve also downloaded the…do you have any advice for me. Thanks much, Sho

    6. So the latest version of MTR is almost exactly a year old and is some variant of shareware? I’m surprised that the R14m version is not already posted everywhere.

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    8. From what I hear, MTR is a dead product. There are numerous complaints about how it doesn’t work with most of the newer ‘bad sector’ type disks. And the ‘donate’ to receive a copy is suspicious as no price is listed and there is no easy way to get the software. Stay away from this thing. There are several newer rippers out there that are actually supported by professionals so go with them!!!

    9. @SolidBob – several newe rippers like what exactly ? Was it too difficult to name few of those while you were writing the rest of your post?

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    11. Membrane, et al.- newer Bad Sector warnings have led me to this thread. Have we found the next greatest thing… especially in OS X 10.4? I have Leopard but have yet to install it.

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