Alexa Ranking Changes

If you noticed a change in your Alexa rank today, here’s why. Simple Help went from 77k (+/-) to 49.5k. If you have a site and pay attention to your Alexa rank, did your rankings change?

8 thoughts on “Alexa Ranking Changes”

  1. Yes, it changed, but nothing serious for me coz my blog is brand new at the moment, but seems alexa rankings of many famous blogs drunk a lot! My alexa changed from 340k to 320k, nearly nothing, :)

  2. Depends on how you look at it, mine went ‘down’ by 10k, from 45k to 36k, I think.

    I don’t think it’s going to be stable though, I think we’ll see some more changes shortly.

  3. Looks like My Thermos went from 134K to 175K.

    I looked at my site to identify how this changes affects it but it looks like it’s got the same inane content it always has. ;)


  4. Hmmm i came down from somewhere in 400k
    + to 296k…!! cheers

    (also noted a change in visitors profile, not it shows that I have even more visitors form India)

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