How to make your WordPress site beautiful for iPhone or iPod Touch visitors

Using the absolutely fantastic WordPress plugin WPtouch, your site will not only look great for visitors using an iPhone or iPod Touch, but it will be significantly easier to navigate. Keep reading for a review and screenshots.

The installation is very straight forward – it’s the same steps that most WordPress plugins require. Once installed, navigate to your Options -> WPtouch (for WP 2.3 or earlier) or Settings -> WPtouch (for WP 2.5 or higher). From here you can customize a number of aspects of WPtouch.

There are a quite a few Page Icons that are displayed next to the pages you specify. You can also create your own icons by adding 60×60 px .jpg or .png files in the icon-pool folder.

wptouch page icon options
click to enlarge

The Logo, Page and Icons section is where you specify which logo you want to represent each of your WordPress Pages.

wptouch logo pages and icon options
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The Companion Support section reveals information about supported plugins, unsupported plugins, and explains how you can further customize your site to work with WPtouch.

wptouch companion support options
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Make sure to review the Template Switch Code and WP-Cache Compatibility sections of the WPtouch page for additional details on setting up the plugin.

Once everything is set up, here’s how your site (depending on your configuration settings) will look on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Home Page
  wptouch menu drop down
Menu drop-down
Individual Post
  expanded post with wptouch enabled
Expanded Post
search feature of wptouch
Search with WPtouch
  search results of a wptouch enabled wordpress site
Search Results
bookmark options for wptouch enabled sites
Bookmark Options

wptouch horizontal view from an iphone or ipod touch
Horizontal View

wptouch enabled wordpress footer

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