How to add favicons to your Firefox 3 Bookmarks Toolbar in OS X

This brief tutorial will take you through the steps required to add favicons to your Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox 3 Beta 5. This is a tutorial requested by the friendly How-To Geek.

firefox 3 beta 5 bookmarks toolbar with favicons in os x
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  1. First up, download and install the Firefox Add-on Stylish. Stylish is Firefox 3 Beta 5 compatible. As with most Firefox Add-ons, you’ll need to restart Firefox for it to take effect.
  2. Now visit and install the Mac Bookmark Toolbar favicons Stylish extension.
  3. installing a stylish extension

  4. And now you’ll have favicons next to each of your Bookmarks Toolbar entries.
  5. firefox 3 beta 5 bookmarks toolbar with favicons in os x
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  6. If you want to have just the favicon displayed (rather than the favicon and text title), right-click on the bookmark, and remove its Name:
  7. firefox bookmark properties

  8. Now just the favicon will be displayed.
  9. firefox 3 bookmarks toolbar entries with just the favicon diplayed

  • bumper

    Great tip, thanks!

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  • Mumpitz

    Großartig, herzlichen Dank für diesen Post!!

  • Jubei

    wow it worked thank you so much. I wonder why firefox on osx doesn’t show favicons by default.


    I hate microsoft, but I hate apple even more ^^

  • Thanks so much, that was practically effortless!

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  • Niklas

    My Firefox “forgets” the favivons every time I close it.

  • Kathrin

    Vielen Dank für die Info!