How to replace your Firefox Bookmarks with Google Bookmarks

Using the amazing Firefox Addon GMarks, you can import your Firefox bookmarks to Google Bookmarks, and then add a GMarks menu item to replace your Firefox bookmarks. And you get a number of extra features, one of the best being quick search. Follow the instructions outlined below and your bookmarks will be organized like never before.

  1. In order to import your current Firefox bookmarks to Google Bookmarks, you’ll need to install the Google Toolbar (if it isn’t already installed).

    Select Bookmarks from the Google Toolbar, and then Import Firefox Bookmarks… from the drop-down menu.

  2. import firefox bookmarks to google bookmarks

  3. You’ll be directed to a Google Bookmarks page (if you’re signed in, otherwise you’ll need to sign in first) asking you to confirm the action. Click the Import button to continue.
  4. google bookmarks importing firefox bookmarks
    click to enlarge

  5. Depending on how well organized your Firefox bookmarks were (did they have tags, were they in folders etc) you will probably end out with a number of them having the “^” label.
  6. google bookmark tags

  7. Select the ^ label and start editing. Yes, this is boring. But you only have to do it once. To edit each bookmark, just click the edit link next to it. Remove the ^ label and replace it with something appropriate for that site/bookmark.
  8. editing google bookmarks
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  9. After you’re done, head over to the GMarks Firefox Addon page. Install GMarks as you would any other Firefox plugin. And as with all Firefox plugins, you’ll need to restart Firefox for it to show up.
  10. After you’ve restarted Firefox, select Gmarks from the FF menu, and then Options from the drop-down list.
  11. gmarks options

  12. On the General tab, enter your Google login info in the Account Preferences section. You can also change the sorting order from the default (Alphabetical) if you’d like.
  13. gmarks general options
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  14. Click the Display tab. Make any changes you see fit to the Sidebar display options. Since I rarely use the sidebar, I left this section alone.
  15. sidebar options in gmarks
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  16. Now select the Menu tab in the Display section. Make sure that Enable GMarks menu is selected. If you want to completely replace your Firefox Bookmarks with GMarks (I did) – place a check in the Hide Bookmarks menu box.

    Feel free to explore the Toolbar and Misc Display options as well. I left all the settings on those pages as their defaults.

  17. menu section of the display options in gmarks
    click to enlarge

  18. And now click the Other tab from the top menu. From here you can customize which key you want to have as your Quick Search shortcut. I changed mine from the default of Home to the \ (backslash) key. To change the default, click inside the Quick Search shortcut box and press the key you want to use.

    You can also opt to have your Google Reader “starred items” show up in your Google Bookmarks/GMarks – which is a fantastic feature. When you’re done setting the options, close the window.

  19. other settings section of gmarks
    click to enlarge

  20. If you opted to remove the Firefox Bookmarks menu item (back in Step #9) you’ll need to restart Firefox. Once it opens again, the Bookmarks menu will be gone, with GMarks in its place.
  21. firefox menu bar with gmarks instead of bookmarks

  22. Click GMarks from your Firefox menu. All of your Firefox and Google Bookmarks will now be displayed, sorted by label.
  23. gmarks menu
    click to enlarge

  24. You can also view the 10 most recently set Bookmarks (assuming you left this as a default)
  25. 10 most recently added bookmarks in gmarks
    click to enlarge

  26. And one of my favorite features, your Google Reader starred items.
  27. google reader starred items in gmarks
    click to enlarge

  28. My very favorite feature – double-tab the key you set as the Quick Search (back in step #10). When the Quick Search window appears start typing a label, keyword or part of the URL/domain name. The results will appear (quickly) in a drop-down menu.
  29. gmarks quick search
    click to enlarge

3 thoughts on “How to replace your Firefox Bookmarks with Google Bookmarks”

  1. Question for Ross (and others)–I am getting the following error message when I try to import my bookmarks from Firefox (3.6.3) to Google Bookmarks:

    “Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. ”

    I have over 8,000 to import; do I need to do it in batches or something? Or are there limits to how many can be imported? I have tried three times now, same message each time, and am wondering if maybe the amount might be an issue? Am asing here before trying again.

    It may be that Google bookmarks isn’t for me; I am currently using Xmarks which I mostly like; but what I need and haven’t yet found is a way to organize the bookmarks the way I can with the Library box (Bookmarks, Organize Bookmarks, and library box pops up). I want to be able to sort the bookmarks in my sidebar the same way I can with the library box (by date, but also sometimes I want an alphabetic sort, or other sort), and have them save in whichever sort I am using. That is the reason I was trying Google bookmarks, because I haven’t yet found any way to do the different sorts I need. I was hoping Google bookmarks and the GMarks addon for Firefox would let me do this.

    Any help/input is appreciated.

    Kathy K.

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