How to install Banshee 1.0 in Ubuntu

Banshee is a media player that includes the following features: listen to music, watch videos, rip and burn CDs, displays cover art, tons of plugins, controllable via keyboard shortcuts, smart playlists, the ability to rate your music and manage your iPod and/or MP3 player. Banshee recently hit version 1.0, and this guide will walk you through installing it in Ubuntu linux.

banshee menu icon and popup window

  1. To get started, click System -> Administration and then select Software Sources. Enter your password if prompted.
  2. ubuntu software sources menu item
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  3. Select the Third-Party Software tab.
  4. 3rd party software tab of the ubuntu software sources app
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  5. Click the + Add… button. If you’re using Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) – which is the version I’m using in these screenshots, add the line:

    deb hardy main

    If you’re using Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibson) add the line:

    deb gutsy main

    When you’re done, click the + Add Source button.

  6. add a 3rd party source
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  7. Back at the Third-Party Software tab, click the Close button. You’ll be prompted to update your software sources. Do so now by clicking the Reload button.
  8. reloading software sources in ubuntu
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  9. Once the software sources have been updated, open a Terminal (select Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and enter:

    sudo apt-get install banshee-1

    You’ll probably be prompted to enter your password – do so.

  10. installing banshee1 via the terminal
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  11. Banshee will determine all of the other software that needs to be installed on your system in order for it to work, and ask you if you want to install it all. Hit the y key on your keyboard to install it all.
  12. confirm additional software to be installed
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  13. If you’re “warned” about some packages not being able to be authenticated, click y again.
  14. allowing unauthorized software to be installed
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  15. And now Banshee and all of it’s dependencies will download and install themselves. When it’s done, you’ll be returned to a blinking prompt. Close down the Terminal now.
  16. banshee finished installing
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  17. Select Applications -> Sound & Video and then Banshee Media Player. Banshee will launch now.
  18. sound and video menu in ubuntu
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  19. From here you can start exploring Banshee and all of its options. Add some media and give it a listen/watch.
  20. banshee media player
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  21. If you have a Last.FM account, sign in to it through Banshee and you can access all kinds of goodies.
  22. section of the banshee media player
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  23. Hover your cursor over the Banshee icon in your menu and a pop-up will appear showing the current track playing, album art, and a slider to Fast Forward or Rewind the track.
  24. banshee menu icon and popup window

  25. Up next – how to use Banshee 1.0 to manage your iPod.

17 thoughts on “How to install Banshee 1.0 in Ubuntu”

  1. In your screenshot you have “sudo apt-get install banshee-1” (which is correct) but in text you have “sudo apt-get install banshee1” (which is incorrect). Make sure to add that dash in!

  2. i got this error mesej

    E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock – open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)
    E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?

  3. Ok. That was great – Banshee installed on my computer, but when I click to open, Banshee begins to start and then shuts down. What am I doing wrong??

    Thanks for the help

  4. Excellent installation instructions, but now Banshee will not start. Has anyone seen this? I uninstalled and reinstalled, but with the same result.

  5. Hi my ISP doesnt cover Ubuntu so I downloaded Banshee from my windows pc (banshee-1-1.2.1.tar.bz2)!!!!! how do i install this file?

  6. Im using 9.10, and much like everything I’ve tried to install, there is no automatic exe file to install the software by.
    Apparently I need some sort of 3rd party installer or I need to know some sort of command string in order to get non-exe-equipped programs to install.
    Sofar, Lime wire is the only thing I have successfully installed to date.

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