How to setup and use Yahoo! Go 3.0 for Windows Mobile

Yahoo! Go 3.0 Beta is now available for Windows Mobile devices. I thought I’d give it a spin, particularly because the upload to Flickr option seemed like it might be handy. This tutorial/review will walk you through installing, setting up and using Yahoo! Go 3.0 Beta. It will show you how to add additional widgets, perform searches, and use the Upload To Flickr widget.

main yahoo go interface

  1. Using your Windows Mobile browser, navigate to It should auto-detect your Windows Mobile phone, and prompt you to download the correct version. Click the Download link.
  2. yahoo go home page
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  3. And download the software. Once the download has completed, install it as you would any other Windows Mobile software. Make sure to install it to your device (not a storage card).
  4. downloading yahoo go
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  5. Launch Yahoo! Go from your programs list. The first thing you’ll need to do is select your Country. Once you do, select Done and click it.
  6. setup yahoo go
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  7. Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then Accept it.
  8. yahoo go terms of service
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  9. Assuming you have a Yahoo ID already, click Yes, I do. If you don’t, select No, I don’t and create one now.
  10. yes i have a yahoo account
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  11. Then sign in with your Yahoo user name and password.
  12. signing into yahoo go
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  13. After you’ve signed in, you’ll be presented with the main Yahoo! Go interface. Use the left/right buttons on your phone to navigate through the options, widgets etc.
  14. main yahoo go interface
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  15. One of the things I found most promising about Yahoo! Go was its ability to upload to Flickr. Select Flickr from the list of widgets, and open it.
  16. upload to flickr widget of yahoo go
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  17. The photos stored on your phone will be displayed in a horizontal row. Navigate to a photo you want to upload to Flickr.
  18. uploading to flickr widget in action
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  19. Once it’s highlighted, select it by clicking Mark. You’ll notice a small check mark in the upper left corner of the images thumbnail.
  20. selected image in yahoo go upload to flickr widget
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  21. Scroll down to Upload now and select it.
  22. click upload now in yahoo go flickr widget
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  23. Here’s where things get slightly confusion. Remember – this is beta software. Though the top status bar will say Uploading…, your photo isn’t actually uploading, yet. Highlight it, and click Select.
  24. selecting a photo to tag in yahoo go flick widget
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  25. Now you can add a title, description, tags and set the privacy level.
  26. yahoo go flickr widget options
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  27. I gave my picture a title.
  28. giving a picture a title in yahoo go flickr widget
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  29. Then went back and selected Add description.
  30. yahoo go flickr widget photo options
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  31. Gave it one..
  32. giving a picture a description
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  33. and back at the main photo window, select Options. From that menu, select Done.
  34. selection options in yahoo go flickr widget
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  35. Now your photo will upload.
  36. uploading a photo to flickr from yahoo go
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  37. Go check your Flickr page, and sure enough the picture is there.
  38. a picture on flickr that has been uploading from yahoo go

  39. Return to the main Yahoo! Go interface. Navigate to the Add widgets widget, and select it.
  40. main yahoo go interface with add widgets widget selected
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  41. Highlight Most Downloads and select it.
  42. most downloaded yahoo go widgets
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  43. I decided to add the FriendFeed widget, so I highlighted it and clicked Select.
  44. yahoo go friendfeed widget
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  45. Then click Add it!.
  46. friendfeed yahoo go widget being added
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  47. It will be added to the Yahoo! Go list of widgets.
  48. friendfeed widget added to the yahoo go widgets list
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  49. Now I can view my FriendFeed stream though Yahoo! Go.
  50. viewing friendfeed via yahoo go
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  51. To use Yahoo! Go to perform searches, navigate to the main “essential starting point” widget and open it.
  52. main yahoo go widget in yahoo go
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  53. The top bar is for search, so enter a phrase, keyword etc and click oneSearch.
  54. performing a search via yahoo go
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  55. You’ll get a list of search results. Select the one you want to view..
  56. search results from yahoo go
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  57. and Yahoo! Go will load the “Mobile adapted” version of that page.
  58. loading the mobile adapted version of simple help
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  59. Ta-da! Fortunately, Simple Help looks decent’ish in Yahoo’s mobile’ized version.
  60. simple help, yahoo go mobilized version
    click to enlarge

  61. Explore the other options of Yahoo! Go at your leisure. All in all, it’s a neat product, and I’ll probably keep it installed on my Windows Mobile device (which is my way of saying it’s worth keeping around).

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  2. I have the new Yahoo go 3.0 How do I get it to sync with my contact list in yahoo to my blackberry/phone? the email function will not allow me to access ANY of my contacts. can you help?

  3. great article on using photo function of yahoo go – but where do i get help using their mail ap

    does it do everything on line yahoo does – like save to draft

  4. brenda fennell

    I have the new Yahoo go 3.0 How do I get it to sync with my contact list in yahoo to my blackberry> it used to do this and I can not find it on the new version.

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