How to use Microsoft Live Search Mobile

This tutorial will guide you in using the voice-recognition enabled version of Live Search Mobile by Microsoft. Though the screenshots are specific to Windows Mobile, the steps are fairly similar for Blackberry and other mobile devices.

  1. Download Windows Live Search by visiting in your mobile browser. It installs the same as pretty much every other other Windows Mobile software (install it to your devices main memory, not a memory card).

    Once installed, select Live Search from the list of installed programs.

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  3. From the main window, select your location. You can do this by highlighting the location section and clicking Speak, then speaking your city and state. Or, you can click the Choose a new location… link and manually find your city/state.

    To find a local business, highlight that section and click the Speak button.

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  5. Say the name of the business/ or location you’re trying to find, or a general phrase like “Mexican Restaurant”.

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  7. If the Live Search application thinks it knows what you said, it will offer possible options. If Live Search got it right, select the correct entry and click it.

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  9. In my example (Mexican Restaurants) it found several nearby. Highlight the one you want to find out more info on, and click it.

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  11. From here you can highlight the phone number, click it, and your phone will dial that number. To get directions to the location, click the Directions To Here link.

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  13. Again, try speaking your current location/address (or the address of your starting point). And again, if Live Search thinks it understood you, and got it right, select that entry and click it.

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  15. Click Done.

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  17. Assuming everything is correct, click Route.

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  19. And Live Search will display the driving directions for your trip.

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  21. Click the Map button to see the route on a map.

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  23. You can check out the other options of Live Search (Gas Prices, Collections, Web, Weather etc) by selecting the appropriate icon from the lower navigation menu.

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  25. For example, weather displays your current locations weather and upcoming forecast.

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