How to quickly access Music controls on your iPod Touch

This is one of those tutorials/tips that a fairly high percentage of you are going to say “uh I figured that out the first day I had my iPod Touch”. Well I had mine for about 2 months before I discovered this, completely by accident.

While you’re listening to music, but have another application open (like for example Safari) – if you double-click the bottom button, a series of controls (Previous Track, Play/Pause, Next Track, Volume and go to Music) will appear. You can use them and then return to Safari without ever having to exit it.

quick music access feature of the ipod touch
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This trick even works when your iPod Touch is “locked”. Just double-click the bottom button, and you can control your currently playing music (though only Previous Track, Play/Pause, Next Track and Volume).

quick music access feature of the ipod touch when locked
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  • I never knew that too ! Well worth knowing thank you :-)

  • I never knew that either. I personally want forward and back keys on the side like the volume ones.

  • Dale Baker

    That’s nice, but why diverge from the original interface which worked so well? The screen can easily accommodate a scroll wheel and all the other buttons that existed on my iPod Classic. For that matter, if I have music playing, why do I need to tap the button twice? It should come up whenever I am playing music and bring it out of the sleep state. Am I the only one who uses an iPod touch for music/podcasts? Although I make a lot of use of web surfing and apps, the device this replaced was an MP3 player. Now it’s a step backward. If some people like the new music interface, provide a setting for iPod Classic-style interface in the preferences.

  • random

    I knew, but it’s stopped working!! D: HELP PLEASE

  • blackbeauty

    Took me an entire year wow!

  • Jr

    When I double click I get d option to go to other apps not d music control buttons… help!