How to import your StumbleUpon favorites to your Firefox 3 Bookmarks

Another possible title for this brief tutorial could be “StumbleUpon now automatically includes all the sites you give a thumbs-up as a Firefox 3 bookmark”. But I’ll stick with my first title.

  1. Before you go too far, make sure you’re using the latest version of the StumbleUpon Toolbar (3.23 at the time I’m writing this). And of course, you’ll need to be using Firefox 3.
  2. Click Tools -> Add-ons in Firefox 3.
  3. firefox tools menu

  4. Select StumbleUpon, and then click Preferences
  5. firefox addons with stumbleupon added
    click to enlarge

  6. Click on the Search & Tagging tab, and make sure there’s a check in the Save favorites to a Firefox bookmark folder box. Then click the Download Favorites button.
  7. stumbleupon favorites downloading
    click to enlarge

  8. Once your StumbleUpon favorites have been downloaded, you’ll be notified.
  9. notification window that stumbleupon favorites have been downloaded

  10. And now you can access them through your Firefox bookmarks. No more searching for sites in your huge “likes” list on!
  11. firefox bookmarks with stumbleupon favorites
    click to enlarge

0 thoughts on “How to import your StumbleUpon favorites to your Firefox 3 Bookmarks”

  1. Thank you so much. I never knew that, but I always thought it was such a pain in the ass to try to find your fav’s through SU. Such a great tip!!

  2. I have the latest versions of Firefox and SU (I double checked to be sure), but I don’t have a section for saving my Firefox bookmarks to SU in my Search and Tagging tab, so I can’t do step #4. Any suggestions?

    I would love to use this feature too…is there another way?

  3. Sorry, meant to say that I don’t have a section for saving my SU bookmarks to Firefox in my Search and Tagging tab. The option just isn’t there. I only have the Web Search box and the Tagging and Search By Stumble sections in that tab. I don’t have the Bookmark Upon Rate or Tag option at all.

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