Jaiku invites for Simple Help readers

Jaiku has moved to the Google servers, and they’re now allowing unlimited invites to existing subscribers. Since I’m an existing subscriber, apparently I can invite as many people as I’d like. So – leave a comment below, make sure to use the email address you’d like the invite sent to (not in the comment itself, but in the E-Mail field of the comment form). I’ll send it to you right away (assuming I’m awake when you leave the comment). Cheers!

  • dan

    Invite please! Thanks Ross.

  • invite please.

  • Scott Pettersen

    I would Love an Invite.

  • Invite please?

  • L.W. Wong

    Invite please?

  • kssekhar

    invite pleazzzzzzz

  • Lee

    Please and thank you.

  • invite, thanks

  • Ricky Wee

    I’ve been waiting for months. Thanks.

  • Good morning! I would like an invite, please, and thank you.

  • Peter

    I read your column daily and I enjoy it. If I could get an invite you would me a happy camper in Thailand

  • Enrique

    Invite please!

    Thank you!

  • tigsfan

    I’d love an invite!

  • I’d love an invite thanks! :-)

  • Carol

    I would love an invite!

  • Samppa

    I’d like to have an invite please. Thanks in advance :)

  • Invite please

  • me too me too me too

  • jan

    invite please
    thanks in advance :)

  • Rino

    invite please.

    thank you.

  • Erick

    Oo, Oo, Oo! Pick me! Pick Me!

  • Hi Ross

    Just discovered Simple Help, while searching for a way to save images from OO documents. Your tutorials are superb!!!

    And yes, please send me a Jaiku invite!

    thanks, Neil