3 Tools to increase iWeb functionality

The following addons and utilities will add a whole bunch of extra features to iWeb, allowing you to create even more robust web sites.

  1. iTweak
  2. Easy iWeb Publisher
  3. iWebSites


iTweak adds boasts that it is the “ultimate companion for iWeb”. I’m not sure about that, but it sure does add a lot of features. The highlights –

  • iTweak can back up both iWeb 06 and iWeb 08 sites in a snap
  • It can add a Favicon via a simple drag and drop method
  • You can integrate a Google Search bar into and for your site
  • You can add Google Analytics, Statcounter and any other hitcounter in the world
  • Add a powerful PHP contact form
  • Search & Replace the HTML that iWeb publishes
  • iTweak can password-protect your site
  • iTweak is donationware – so if you find it super-useful, donate some money to the author.

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    Easy iWeb Publisher

    Easy iWeb Publisher is very similar to the previously covered w2w utility. It allows you to upload your iWeb created site to a non-.Mac account. After configuring it to use your Web Hosting account details, you can just drag and drop folders onto the Dock icon and Easy iWeb Publisher takes care of the rest.

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    iWebSites only has one feature, but it’s a really useful one. It allows you to create multiple websites that are completely independent of each other (it does this by manipulating the website files that iWeb creates).

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    1. Be VERY careful with iWebsites – it deleted all my sites. As you know there is no way to re-import a backed up site into iWeb. Thank Apple for Time Machine!

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