Paid gigs at Simple Help

Instead of offering help, this time I’m looking for some.

1. Folks who would like to contribute tutorials for Simple Help. Windows and Linux tutorials specifically. You’d be paid on a per post/tutorial basis (via PayPal). It can be a “one off” thing or an ongoing thing, it’s up to you. Think of it as a “paid guest blogger” deal.

2. Someone who has experience customizing WordPress themes. I’ve recently purchased one, for a new site I’ll be doing, and because I’m artistically inept, I need someone to customize it. This project would not involve actual WordPress coding – the theme itself has all of that covered. I’m looking for someone who can take an existing theme and give it a custom look (vs. the “out of the box” look that it has by default). This is, of course, a paid job as well.

If you’re interested in either of the above items, please contact me. Please include links to your previous writing or design work. Thanks!

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