Sneak Peek: uTorrent for OS X

Today on one of the popular Bittorrent sites, an early “alpha” version of uTorrent for OS X was posted. I’ve downloaded a copy, and below you’ll find a bunch of screenshots along with my initial thoughts.

First, this is something along the lines of a pre-alpha. Which means it’s expected to be very rough around the edges. With that said, I’m currently downloading a concert, and so far, so good. It does lack a lot of the features of its Windows counterpart, though I’m sure they’ll be added as it moves closer to beta. Though it’s labeled as “Version 1.0”, a more accurate description might be “Version 0.1”.

Main Window

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Main Window w/ Active Torrent

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General Preferences

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Network Preferences

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Info Panel Displayed

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Activity Panel Displayed

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Rate Limiting Options

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9 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: uTorrent for OS X”

  1. This version of µTorrent after launched immediately use 100% CPU, both cores.
    It seems to have DHT, feature Transmission still lacks und make useless for me. Nobody mentioned another Bittorrent client for OSX LH-ABC, the best in my opinion at this time.

  2. Yea, I found that write up when I was looking at your bit torrent category. I think the VMware route should be fairly straight forward. As for ports, do I have to forward ports in OS X to my VMware XP virtual machine?

  3. Yes, uTorrent on XP via VMware Fusion would work. As long as the ports are forwarded correctly etc. Technically you can run the Windows uTorrent in OS X, but you’d have to find an older version (I know 1.7.2 works), I don’t think the current one works the way I outlined in that tutorial (it may, I haven’t tried, but a number of folks had problems). The older version I used worked fine, but the fonts were meh and I was too lazy to setup FreeType.

  4. Too true.

    I actually tried BitRocket for a short time. But then I stopped torrenting for a while and when I came back I found Transmission. Haven’t looked back since.

    Do you think uTorrent using Windows XP in VMware would work? I guess I just wanna see what I’m missin… or not ;)

  5. I used Azureus for a long time, and it just kept getting more and more bloated. Vuze was the final strike, it was at that point I went looking for a new client. I tried a bunch, and landed on Transmission. I think a lot of people love uTorrent simply because it’s not Azureus :)

  6. And to be fair, I haven’t used uTorrent (since I converted my one PC box into a NAS). So I don’t know what features they could add that would make it a better choice than Transmission. I tried Azureus (aka Vuze) but found it too bloated for me.

    Maybe I should try it just for the sake of trying…

  7. Actually I agree with both of you, though to be fair I think uTorrent for Windows does have more features than Transmission. None that I use, but it does. Unless uTorrent for Mac provides a bunch of stuff I’d use, I don’t see myself switching from Transmission.

  8. I have to agree with Flareman. I guess if you like trying different programs just for thrills you may be tempted to try this. But with the all the other torrent clients, what’s another one going to matter? :)

  9. Blatant Transmission ripoff. Not at all what μTorrent for the Mac should be:/

    Come to think of it, Transmission already is what μTorrent is for Windows.

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