How to automatically download your favorite TV shows using uTorrent

This tutorial will guide you step by step through using uTorrent to automatically find and download your favorite TV shows, as soon as they’re available on bittorrent sites. It’s important to mention up front – depending on the country you live in, downloading television programs from the Internet may not be legal. Be sure to check before you proceed.

  1. Launch uTorrent and select the Add RSS Feed button in the upper left corner.

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  3. You’ll be prompted to enter an RSS feed URL. A good one to start with is Make sure that Do not automatically download items is selected, and then click OK.
  4. Select your newly added RSS feed from the left navigation window, and the ‘main’ screen will populate with all of the feed entries.

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  6. Right click on one of the shows you want to automatically download from now on (I selected “Bones”) and click Add to Favorites. This isn’t the only way to add shows to download automatically – I’ll show you another method later in this tutorial.
  7. The RSS Downloader will open. From here you’ll need to specify a number of things in order for your downloads to happen automatically, and correctly. First, enter a name for this entry in the Favorites list. Then click the button to set a default Save location. If the Filter isn’t pre-populated, enter the name of your TV show. From the Quality: drop-down list, select the formats you’re willing to download. It’s very much worth noting that you can select more than one. As soon as one of your selected formats appears in the RSS feed, that’s the one that will download (not one of each). Place a check in the box labeled Smart ep. filter to make sure that you only download one copy of each episode (in case there are multiple copies in the feed) Thanks Rarst!.

    Finally, use the Episode Number: field to define which season and episodes you want to download. In my example, I set it to 4×1-26. That means I’ll download episodes 1 to 26, from the 4th season. When you’re done, click Close.

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  9. Your download will begin right away (because it was in the feed and one of the seasons and episodes you opted to download).

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  11. Now on to the other method to download files. Visit the web site Select the Search link, and in the Show Name field, enter the title of the show you want to automatically download every time a new episode comes out. Run the search.

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  13. At the top of the results screen, you’ll see a link titled Search-based RSS Feed. Right-click that link, and select Copy Link Location.

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  15. Back in uTorrent, click the Add RSS Feed button again. The Feed URL: will probably be pre-populated, but if it isn’t, right-click inside the space and click Paste. Again, make sure Do not automatically download items is selected, and click OK.
  16. Right click on one of the entries in your new RSS feed, and select Add to Favorites.

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  18. Repeat the process of setting your preferences (download location, Season and Episode numbers etc).

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  20. Make sure to leave uTorrent running at all times. That way as soon as one of your favorite episodes shows up in the RSS feed, it will automatically begin downloading. To make sure uTorrent starts each time you reboot/start Windows, select Options -> Preferences. On the General page, place a check in the box labeled Start uTorrent on system startup.

    The default behavior for uTorrent when you click the “X” to close it is to actually minimize to your system tray, keeping the program actually running. Leave that setting as it is, so that uTorrent will constantly check for new shows.

    When one of your RSS feeds finds an episode to download, you’ll be notified by a pop-up from the uTorrent in your system tray.

  21. Keep repeating the above process until you’ve automated all of your favorite TV programs to download.

14 thoughts on “How to automatically download your favorite TV shows using uTorrent”

  1. “Smart ep. filter” must also be checked or it will download multiply versions of same episode if they are present in the feed (which is often the case).

  2. Thank you very much for this. I didn’t realise this was possible. Do you know of any other feeds as the TV show that I want to download (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) is not available on the feed shown above?


  3. Brilliant! I had always wondered if this was possible. Another one that I found today was TED which looks to do something similar, but if I can keep it all within uTorrent…all the better. Cheers!

  4. I was wondering what to do for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

    They don’t have episode codes like 03×09, they just have the date it aired.

    Thanks! I hope someone can help me.

  5. @anon

    Inputing episode numbers is not needed to download. You can either download everything and get duplicates or look at file names and form include/exclude so only files from specific group are downloaded.

  6. well i tried that and it didnt start downloading until i made the filter the exactly the date which i wanted to download, but i want to download the ones that are after that date only.

  7. Billy Hornsby

    I can’t get the scheduler to work properly. Do you have simple instructions on to do that. I am also unable to dowload and open the help file. Any help would be appreciated.


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