Power Up Copy and Paste With ClipX

ClipX is a free tool for Windows (I can’t find anywhere that tells me exactly which operating systems, but it works great for me on XP) that allows you to hold more items in your clipboard. The clip board is where the stuff you copy stays until you replace it with something else you copy. Unless you have ClipX, that is. Check out the screen shots and download it here.

Scroll down on that page a little and under Download ClipX you should see the latest stable version, which is fairly dated. Under that is the beta version, which was updated earlier this year. I have been using the beta for a long time now with no problems, so I suggest you use that. Most users will want the one with x86 at the end, unless you are using a 64 bit version of Windows. Underneath the downloads is a list of plugins for ClipX. The only one I have used is the auto update, which works great and is easy to install.

After you have the ClipX installer downloaded, double click it and go through the installation. It’s pretty straight forward. When it asks you if you want to run it, click Yes unless you’ve also downloaded a plugin. If you have downloaded a plugin, after the main installation of ClipX, run the installer for the plugin. Then you can start ClipX. Unlike other programs, it won’t put an icon in your tray by default. So go to Start -> All Programs -> ClipX and click on ClipX. This should bring up the ClipX Configuration window, shown below. You can change how many items to keep in your clipboard among other things. I recommend checking Run ClipX on Startup.

clipx options
click to enlarge

There are a lot more options for you to look through, so set it up however you want. Click Apply when you are done and enjoy this very useful little program!

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4 thoughts on “Power Up Copy and Paste With ClipX”

  1. Hi Ross,

    I’m really looking forward to using this clipboard manager every day. It is working well for me so far.

    I have a laptop using Windows 10 home (64 bit). It didn’t come bundled with my computer, I just upgraded my computer to it from Windows 8.


  2. In the meantime I have downloaded and tried PhraseExpress (free for non commercila use), and it is perfect.
    Does what ClipX does, plus many other great features.

    I will retain ClipX, but with the text capture off (Couldn’t find a disable option).
    I have cleared the collection, and will just turn on capture when I want to store a clip.


    PS That sign off was done by me typing re`and space.
    Just one of the little tricks in PhraseExpress.
    I use the ` (top left of keyboard) as it does not require Shift key to type it.

  3. Do you happen to know where ClipX stores it’s clips ?
    I have image capture turned off at the moment.
    If I knew where it stores the data, I could keep an eye on the disk usage.
    And then I would feel safe, allowing it to accumulate images as well.

  4. I agree!! I have been using clipX for some time now and its absolutely great!! There are also loads of useful plugins that you can use along with clipX making it even better!

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